Xi Jinping

Japan-India-China: An unlikely alliance emerges

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India-Japan-China: An unlikely alliance afoot

One of the more important consequences of the Trump Administration trade war against both China as well as Japan is the recent diplomatic and economi

G20 Summit: See image and spot the snub

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Japan and England are far back in rows

(Take a look at the G20 official picture and see where Japan and England are standing—nowhere near front row. Typically, China drove its message to the last detail)

Panama Papers: Have a great laugh about it

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Panama Papers The orchestrated leaks against BRICS heavyweights

The so called "mother of all leaks” is so blatantly manipulated that its intention to damage BRICS leaves no one in doubt.


Iran could be the new China

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Iran being in play is a seismic event

It’s currently quite a toss-up when it comes to naming the hardest working man in geopolitical business: Chinese President Xi Jinping or Iranian President Ha

India thumbs nose at China

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Such bonhomie is a stuff of dream now

In the first part of this series, we looked at Japan and India raising hackles against

Look at this to get the Big Picture

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A picture that's worth a thousand words (courtesy: South China Morning Post)

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all over the Indian newspapers with his visit to Facebook headquarters and being courted by world’s top business honchos. But what was their response to Chinese president Xi Jinping’s almost simultaneous visit to the US? This picture with the article alone will give you the big picture. 

US, China must avoid a new Cold War

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Such bonhomie between world's two biggest powers ought to get real

Chinese president Xi Jinping is in United States for a week-long state visit. This, at a time when the Sino-US relations are at its lowest ebb. Among others, one reason is China’s policy of One Belt, One Road. One of world’s renowned geopolitical experts, Shen Dingli dispels a few notions in this piece.