Tuesday, May 21, 2024

You guys are so Leftist you could be hating your right hand: Sonu Nigam lashes at media

A video posted by noted singer Sonu Nigam on his YouTube account on Tuesday is making headlines now. In this video, Sonu Nigam has criticised Tribune and CNN Lokmat for their reporting.

Saying he woke up in the morning and read an article which said that he did not want his son to become a singer in India. About the article, he then declares: “Ye video dallon ke liyay hai.” (This video is for those brokers) referring to the media houses referred earlier. He then made a reference to the editor of Tribune: “Tu sota kaise hai dale (How do you sleep pimp).

Sonu Nigam says his son is a talented young man and can choose to do whatever he may like as a career. “He sings, but that doesn’t mean he has to become a singer,” the Bollywood singer says.

Angrily, Sonu Nigam goes on to say that the media is so Leftist, that they have started hating their right hand! In a mocking tone, he says these people don’t even wink with their right eye. “I am what you never will be. I am a true Indian. I am a centred person. I am neither Left, nor Right. That is what you should have also been, as a journalist,” he adds.

He also speaks about the debate on nepotism going on in Bollywood, in the backdrop of death of Sushant Singh Rajput. It is being said that in the film industry, the singers make their children singers, actors make their children actors and so on. Sonu Nigam says that the media should appreciate if he says that he doesn’t want his son to be a singer.

In an interview with Times Now Digital, Sonu Nigam, on being asked whether his son would also be a singer, responds: “Frankly, I don’t want him to be a singer, at least not in this country. Anyway, he does not live in India any more. He lives in Dubai.”

He then goes on to add that his son is a top gamer in the United Arab Emirates. He also says that he won’t tell his son what career to choose.

Sonu Nigam also spoke about how people were getting drawn to positive music. However, the newspapers picked up only that part of his interview where he said he didn’t want his son to be a singer. Tribune, who Sonu lashed out at, specifically put the fact that his son had moved to Dubai in the headline.

The Tribune quoted a troll as saying: “I am glad #sonunigam moved to a country where he can’t hear azaan. He was greatly troubled by the sound of azaan in India, and asked for its ban on speaker.” #dubailife

Way back in April 2017, Sonu Nigam had got embroiled in a controversy after he tweeted his frustration at use of loudspeakers for azaan.

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