Thursday, May 30, 2024

‘You have sinned Kamal Nath’, says a no-holds-barred Shivraj Chouhan

Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today lashed out at his predecessor Kamal Nath of Congress, alleging him to have sinned.

“Today, Kamal Nath has given advertisements in newspapers that `What sin did I commit?’ Kamal Nath ji, you have sinned. You said you’ll waive the loans of all farmers, but you left out many of them from that list. You distributed false certificates. The regular farmers, who were paying their loans, did not pay in hopes of waiver and they became defaulters because of it. Now they are under a load of interest, which I will take off from their heads,” said Chouhan.

Chouhan further lambasted Kamal Nath and said not only the latter stopped development work in the State, he also turned it into a market of brokers during the Congress rule.

“You snatched away laptops of children who brought good numbers in class 12, and the 5,000 rupees we paid to the poor for funerals, you snatched away that money from the poor. You stopped the development of the state. You have converted Madhya Pradesh into a brokers’ market,” the chief minister said.

Chouhan said that Kamal Nath would have to pay for his sins.

“We used to organize the pilgrimage to the elderly, you ended that plan. How many sins I can tell? You have destroyed Madhya Pradesh, it was your sin and you have to pay the same penalty,” added the chief minister.

Chouhan’s attack came a day ahead of the byelections in the state for 28 seats. The results would be declared on November 10. At present, Congress has 88 MLAs while BJP has 107 in the state assembly. BJP just needs nine out of the 28 seats to retain power in MP.

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