Shah claims Pro-Modi techies arrested for slogans: Where is “Freedom of Speech” gang?

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Pro-Modi sloganeers arrested

Most of you who only rely on your English mainstream newspapers wouldn’t have known that Rahul Gandhi was met with “

Indian English Media is anti-Hindu

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Anti-Hindu bias in plain sight (Pic courtesy: The Chakra News)

The Puranic story of Raktabijasura is one of my all-time favourites.

Krishna’s aborted concert is no help to Modi or BJP

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Krishna's aborted concert hurt BJP

Carnatic vocalist Thodur Madabusi Krishna has been thrust into national consciousness because Airports Authority of India (AAI) has ducked its responsibility

Roy-Bhushan duo: we no longer believe you

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Prashant Bhushan-Arundhati Roy: Credibility crisis

It is perfectly legitimate that Arundhati Roy-Prashant Bhushan may hold different opinion to mine.

How the propaganda against RSS falls flat on its face

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RSS and the propaganda against it

Indian Express has two voices which do not like RSS or BJP or Hindu resurgence in India.

Modi looks over his shoulder in Africa

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Modi gets serious on Africa

(While Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes his moves in Africa, and NewsBred points out India’s

Why Lutyens Media has blanked Modi on “AP Special Status”?

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The morning after the No-Trust motion in Parliament on Saturday, one was amazed how the coverage in newspapers, TV networks and websites made it appear like

India going ahead with S-400 missiles from Russia

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India is undeterred by US threat

India doesn’t intend to scuttle its plans to buy S-400 Triumf from Russia despite the spectre of US sanctions.

Guha & Mander work overtime to keep Muslims away from Hindus

Modi and calculus behind “no” on Jerusalem

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Modi and Netanyahu: Not seeing eye to eye

There’s been a disquiet in India’s public space over Modi government’s rejection of US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s C