Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Narendra Modi

India’s definitive foreign policy for 21st Century

Modi to have dinner with cops who did duty in G20 Summit

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to have dinner with 450 policemen to thank them for ensuring the “smooth conduct” of the G20...

Modi’s definitive foreign policy for 21st century

It’s likely that a few of the distinguished guests would be muttering under the breath; and media, that eternal witch, would be screeching at...

Modi’s “not-an-era-of-war” is a dangerous denial

Vile campaign to neutralize India in BRICS

India doesn’t deserve the vilification campaign presently rife.  Reports claim India has been a reluctant BRICS traveller; that it blocked Algeria’s entry at France’s request,...

India and Iran give further push to Chabahar Port

India and Iran have agreed not to seek commercial foreign arbitration for disputes between users and operators at the deep sea Chabahar Port in...

Moon-landing: A moment of pride for all Indians 

Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram Lander successfully made a soft-landing on the Moon's south pole in an event that will remain etched in not only the history...

“US tries to undermine India-Russia ties”

Russia and India are expanding their economic ties to unprecedented levels, propelling Moscow into the list of New Delhi's top five trade partners, Russian Ambassador to...

This BRICS could be a pivotal moment of century

The upcoming BRICS Summit in South Africa (August 22-24) could be a pivotal moment of this century.  No, they are not dumping dollar. Nor would...

India’s rice export ban is a prudent decision

Videos of panic-purchasing of Indian rice in crowded grocery stores in Texas in the US and Toronto in Canada have gone viral. This followed...


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