Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Ashish Shukla

India-Canada feud: Khalistan is just a ruse

India-Canada feud: Now to trust IMEC corridor is being naive!

India-Canada feud: Most are missing the bigger picture

I believe Hardeep Singh Nijjar was a piece which has been moved on the geopolitical chessboard.  Nijjar was shot dead which has been blamed on...

India’s definitive foreign policy for 21st Century

Saudi Arabia, and not US, is real deal for India in IMEC

I confess I was flushed with excitement at the prospect of India-Middle-East-Europe-Corridor (IMEC) made public at the recent G20 Summit in Delhi.  I mean as...

Modi’s definitive foreign policy for 21st century

It’s likely that a few of the distinguished guests would be muttering under the breath; and media, that eternal witch, would be screeching at...

Did Mahatma Gandhi end up playing Britain’s game?

What if India buys Saudi oil in rupees?

Why Masters of Seas can’t afford the landmass to get together!

Unknown to you, an all-Africa War is looming!
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