Saturday, April 13, 2024

In threatening Russia, France is a laughing stock

Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin

Who would’ve thought Ukraine of all places would mark the unravelling of West’s hegemony. 

It has left NATO degraded, Europe crippled and those who believed in America as god’s own image and Western media as angel of its divinity now know better. 

That’s not all: Most now know that the United Nations was a pawn in its hands, the global security architecture was a sham and the financial framework could snap on their whims. 

That what appeared as free nations of our world were wretched to their eyes who could all be dead for all they care. The world could be a Gaza, or a Rafah, and they won’t lose a breath. 

Ukraine, and now Gaza, has pitted these monsters against the rest of humanity. The Arabs can’t do much, non-state actors have just darts, and the willing can’t send a coalition against Israel fearing the wrath of the Hegemon. 

But an unspoken word is aligning all: You could choose to be a vassal, be weak without a will or collectively throw off this yoke. Thus multipolarity is mushrooming. A SWIFT system of their own, a Dollar-less bill, and that would be it; its armies notwithstanding. 


That’s why the West is panting to sacrifice the last Ukrainian. What is now well-known among political and military elites, would soon be common knowledge: THAT UKRAINE HAS LOST. Keep the pretence going in hope against hope. 

But how long would this deception last?

The stooge of a clown-prince in Kiev is about to lower the conscription age from 27 to 25 years. He hopes to raise an army of 500,000 for the meat-grinder which awaits them. They would be walking dead in uniforms, can’t be trained before the fall by when it could be all over. 

As it is, men between 18 and 60 can’t leave Ukraine under the Martial Law. Millions are dead, crippled or displaced. This figure of 5 lakhs new recruits is another lie: If Ukraine’s population was 40 million before the War; and say 20 million are now in its East are now with Russia; millions have fled; there are women, children and old to account for; how many young would you think are left?

But this smokescreen survives because belligerent noises are made from time to time; Ukrainians fall for it and Zelensky survives to live another day. Otherwise the coup would have happened by now. 

One of the most bellicose noises in recent times have come from France. It smarts against Russia from Napoleonic times; its empire in Africa is in tatters now that several countries—Chad, CAR, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger—have turned against them which it feels is at Russia’s behest. 

President Emmanuel Macron is thus threatening to send French troops on Ukrainian front—how many or the logistics is better not asked. He is shamelessly terming it as an act for Europe’s future which incidentally was offered on a plate by Russia in 2008 as a common European security architecture, not to say the Minsk Agreements which France and Germany agreed to with no intention to stand by it. 

France had found its feet in association with Germany as the guiding powers of Europe after World War II. But now that Germany follows the US blindly, France is trying to be the sole arbiter of Old Continent, hoping to draw the hawkish Baltic nations, and other minnows, besides sowing troubles in neighbours—Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine—Russia is sensitive to. 


So Africa is breaking free; Latin America has found its voice; West Asia is in tatters; the Eurasian landmass has Russia and China to contend with; and yet after Ukraine and Gaza, the Pacific conflict is brimming. 

This empire of lies, of loot and plunder, of exploitation, deception, bloodsuckers; assured that Dollar, its Army and its warriors of written words won’t fail, are not stopping at anything. 

They were always bad but now in the times of connectivity, more are becoming aware who spawns the terrorists; how Nobel Prize etc are no better than political tools; how fake is their democracy. 

Someday the truth of Climate Change would dawn on most, the agenda on transgenderism would be apparent, the wokism, the Cancel Culture would be cast in bin. 

Till then we all would suffer, our children would suffer for even though the unravelling has begun, it would be a few decades when the New World Order would take over. 

A tremendous cost would’ve been added by then to the millions dead in Ukraine and Gaza; including a few thousands of Russia who within a century would’ve come to rescue of humanity twice: First in ridding us from the threat of Adolf Hitler, and now smashing the glass ceiling of the West. 

We all would be gone: But hopefully our future generations would live in a better, freer world. The evil of colonialism, slavery, imperialism would be buried for good. 

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