Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Cancel Culture

In threatening Russia, France is a laughing stock

Who would’ve thought Ukraine of all places would mark the unravelling of West’s hegemony.  It has left NATO degraded, Europe crippled and those who believed...

Watch: Russia now has a dig at West in a promotional video

Russia has released a video that appears to mock the sanctions slapped on it by the western countries for invading Ukraine.  The video invites people...

There is no such thing as Right Wing in India: But Wokes won’t listen!

( Bhavesh Kansara and Aravindan Neelakandan are the kind of persons Indians should know a lot more about though the two prefer to be...

Freedom House et all are blots on free world: Openly Left and partisans like hell

In its annual report on global political rights and liberties, US watchdog, non-profit Freedom House downgraded India from a free democracy to a "partially...

Trump accused of ignoring ‘Neo-Nazis’ symbols in background: Democrats jittery

Donald Trump, former president of the United States, addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at Hyatt Regency Orlando in Florida on Sunday and...


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