Monday, December 5, 2022


New World Order

India-China spat on Sri Lanka is so much unnecessary

The India-China spat on Sri Lanka is astonishingly brawny which doesn’t do justice to two who straddle Asia more than anyone else and who...

Time to look at world map and the Ukraine War you missed

Time to tell a few things your favourite media doesn’t tell you.  Did you miss the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken wanting to speak...

How the Big Banks enslave Humanity

The Bank of China told their depositors that their savings accounts are now investment products and can no longer be withdrawn. And to stop the...

Biden in Riyadh: I mean what farcical world are we living in?

We hear that US president Joe Biden is visiting Saudi Arabia this week.  This is the same Biden who, in the wake of killing of...

What if Russia drags West into a different theatre in Syria or Iran? Or turn Mexico into “Ukraine of US”?

We hear that “much of the world has condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.” But the UNGA session was to “stop the war in Ukraine.” As...

India would burn as long as Conservatives are offering a free goal

(This is the second and final part. The first one could be read here).  The world is run by Globalists who oppose the Conservatives.  Globalists are...


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