Friday, May 27, 2022

India would burn as long as Conservatives are offering a free goal

(This is the second and final part. The first one could be read here). 

The world is run by Globalists who oppose the Conservatives. 

Globalists are those who talk of World Government, New World Order, Fourth Industrial Revolution etc. In the recent World Economic Forum, the big word was “Great Reset.” They talk of “free trade” and “liberal” values. They are old imperialists, the wealthy Rockefellers and Rothschilds, George Soros who hate sovereign-states (read Conservatives). 

So these Globalists control economies, control information. They use IMFs and World Banks to bring “sovereign-states” to their knees through sanctions (a project which you could relate with Iran and Russia). They control media, academia and unleash it whenever a Trump, Putin and Modi emerges who talk of “Nation First”, Atmanirbhar etc. (Just recall how abusive media has been against all three). Never wondering the majority in their country–some 75 million in Trump’s case– are with them

So when a Capitol Hill is stormed, it’s portrayed as an attempted coup. A bid to take over Washington DC. But when neighbourhoods were being burned to ashes, shops were looted, innocent people were attacked, when BlackLivesMatters and Antifas were taking over large swathes of Portland and Seattle, they were “autonomous zones.” It was a model of peaceful action. The Left-Liberals, or Globalists, were terming it JUST

So, the looters were “victims” while those who did little damage to Capitol Hill were “terrorists.” In this narrative, set by the Globalists, anyone putting the Nation First is “enemy of democracy.”

In this world of disinformation, the Conservatives can’t take action. They must suffer the abuse and if they retaliate, they are the “bad boys.” (As those locals are at road-blocking farmers in our Singhus). They are shown as shameful. 

Ever wondered why prime minister Narendra Modi is so cautious while Rahul Gandhi is so brazen, time and again? Because Modi knows that he is unheard in this propaganda; while Gandhi is smug that all his discretions, lies, doublespeak would be whitewashed next morning.

So it’s a double whammy. First, you are barely heard . Two, if you remonstrate, you are “bad boys.” In this game, the “locals” are always bad; the “Capitol Hill” demonstrators are terrorists. Those who flew a religious flag atop Red Fort; those who looted and arsoned were “victims” of neglect. 

This is a rigged game. 

You must have read of Donald Trump railing against postal ballots. That he didn’t trust them. He was ridiculed in media. Social media giants blocked his posts. 

And guess what did Amazon(owner of Washington Post) do. Amazon rejected postal voting for its own employees! It stated “We believe that the best method to achieve a valid, fair and successful election is one that is done manually, person to person, which makes it easy to verify.”

So postal voting is a must due to pandemic in presidential election. But when Amazon employees look to join a union, they must discard postal votes!!! 

In India, those who are blocking the roads are “peaceful” and not hurting economy or passage for ordinary citizens. Those who desecrated our Republic Day are taking out the frustration. But the “locals” who stand up for their Constitutional rights are “goons”. (Just like they did with Kapil Mishra and didn’t do with Sonia Gandhi in anti-CAA protests). 

Rakesh Tikait is a messiah of poor farmers, never mind his father fought for the same laws in 1988 which the Modi government has implemented now. His tears are headlines but not his words when he asked the “farmers” to come with lathis and rods on Republic Day. No word why penned agreement with Delhi Police wasn’t honoured. 

That Editors Guild is furious at Rajdeep Sardesais of our world being served with sedition notice but hardly squeaked when Arnab Goswami was dragged out of his apartment and thrown into the police van. 

Conservatives are Bad Boys: Period

The way out is for Conservatives to give a damn about being “bad boys.” They won’t become good boys even if they do nothing. All those majority, be it Indian citizens or Indian farmers, would remain  voiceless. For they are threat to Globalists. So what options Conservatives have?

Be the “locals” if you get what I mean. Take your protest on streets. You would be abused but that’s par for course. Importantly, the message would go that Conservatives are not going to sit idle. That whatever they want you to do, you would do exactly opposite. They don’t want you to leave your homes. They don’t want you to take matters in your own hands. But you are not going to shut up, sit back and watch your India burn.

As for Centre, the Conservative government in New Delhi, we know they are not repealing the farm laws. That action has been initiated against farmer leaders. That there won’t be talks with the same old faces. That once the Supreme Court-appointed committee gives it verdict next month, they would have the mandate to act accordingly. Why necessarily invite bad optics?

Sure, the Centre hasn’t cleared Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur. Sure, its hardcore supporters today view them as weak-kneed. They find farmers stationed as they were before Republic Day. But if Centre doesn’t repeal Farm Acts, who has won? If farmer leaders are seditioned, who has won? If there are no further talks with anarchists, who has won? And how could police baton-charge squatting farmers who were never part of tractors’ rally? And how could Centre sidestep Supreme Court which has a committee in place?



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