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World Economic Forum: How an NGO loots the humanity

Illustration: Courtesy Financial Times

(This is the first of the two-part series on World Economic Forum which has a dystopian philosophy about a world which has less people while global resources are only meant for a handful. The link to second part is here.- NewsBred)

You won’t know what is World Economic Forum (WEF). 

One, it’s not an “economic” body. 

It’s also not a “forum” for it permits no discussion, no argument and no challenge.

As for it to qualify as “world”, it ought to have been made up of independent nations, like the UN, which it is not.  

So WEF is neither World nor Economic nor Forum.

(How it got the affix of “world” is another story: not dissimilar to World Health Organization which is privately funded. And before I fuddle you that the Federal Reserve which prints US dollars, is an independent agency of the US government, not bound by the president, legislators or any elected official, let’s stick to the WEF only!)

The WEF is just an NGO, based in Cologny, a lush suburb of Geneva (Switzerland), in operation since 1971, formed by its eternal chairman Klaus Schwab (84), with origins linked to Hitler, which you would read about in the concluding part. 

It’s been held in Davos in the Swiss Alpine resort every year, its glass-steel headquarters looking out on Lake Geneva, where the world’s richest and most powerful, the global elites of the globalism, meet and believe they run the world. 

Here the wealthiest could meet dozens of heads of states in 3-4 days in sound-proof rooms, out of bound of regulators, journalists and other such nuisances. So it is with Consulting and tech giants looking for a contract, a preferential tax treatment and avoidance of anti-trust proceedings. That they have their cheques ready for donations to political campaigns helps. 

All of it is done under the veneer of virtuous undertakings—like this year’s “Committed to Improving the State of the World”—but in essence they are looking for unelected “one world government”. 

In Schwab’s own words, “If no one power can enforce order, our world will suffer from a global order deficit.”  

The trick is to present to we-the-people the “eternal threats” to humanity, like climate change and pandemic. It makes us surrender to surveillance, to State control, to be “mapped” and those inconvenient “neutralized.”

The famous political scientist Samuel Huntington coined the epithet of “Davos Man” for such entities. In his words, “Davos Man is an unusual predator whose power comes in part from his keen ability to adopt the guise of an ally.”

Two examples—Climate Change and Pandemic—would bring home the truth how they plan to bring about this “one-world government.”

The Climate Hypocrisy

The theme of “cut-fossil-fuel-to-save-climate-and-humanity” by now is firmly embedded in our minds. 

The WEF clamours for global carbon emissions to be cut by 50% by 2030

Now Greenpeace International has found that during the last year’s WEF, 1,040 private jets arrived and departed out of airports in Davos. 

Some 53% of these flights were under 750km distance, some 38% under 500km and one private jet indeed travelled just 21 km to arrive!.

These private jets for the WEF 2022 reportedly produced 10,700 tons of CO2 — or roughly what 350,000 average cars emit in a week. 

Indeed, the top 10% of global rich are found to be responsible for as much total greenhouse gas emissions as the bottom 90% combined

As Greenpeace’s transport campaigner Klara Maria Schenk commented “Do we really believe that these are the people to solve the problems the world faces?” 

Covid Vaccines “Plot”

There has been massive increase in unexplained excess deaths following the Covid vaccination. 

It’s the vaccinated, and not the unvaccinated, who are suddenly sick and dying. 

Doctors have also reported a surge in cancer and a drop in fertility following the vaccination campaign. 

Now thousands of medical scientists and doctors are of the view the mRNA vaccines are causing permanent health damages. They are calling for urgent halt to mRNA injections. 

Yet, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stuck to its approval of mRNA injections. 

Bill Gates, a regular at WEF, and one who has an outsized say in WHO, is the key promoter of Agenda ID2020 alongside big Pharmas.. 

Agenda ID2020 was designed/sponsored by Gates and set rolling in the WEF of 2020. It’s an electronic program which uses vaccination as a mean to obtain your digital identity.

World’s population reduction has been a long-avowed plan of Gates and propounded in WEF. 

Dubious vaccines—meekly accepted by the scared humanity, on the “global threat” that globalists drum in our ears, are tools for such goals. 

In the United States, some 44% of Republicans and 19% of Democrats believe that Gates plots vaccines to implant microchips into people. Some 20% young Australians believe it too. There have been anti-Gates protests from Germany to Melbourne. 

The belief in these doubters is that these nano-chips could be a tool to trace people’s digital money—yes, that moment has as good as arrived for us—besides other intimate details.  

That these vaccines could be a slow killer that acts up in a few years or a disease that hits the next generation or a gene that renders women infertile is feared. 

(If the readers sense a repeat of Nazis’ eugenics programme, well, it was never dead all these decades, only working in the background.)

Further, hasn’t Dr Tedros, DG of WHO, been wanting the humanity to shift to digital money as he claimed physical paper and coin money could spread diseases?

As those who live or visit Western nations would aver, cash is as good as banned. Even a candy could only be paid electronically.

Now let’s look at the hypocrisy of a moral facade which is kept in WEF, promoted by a pliant media

As said, WEF”s official slogan this year is “Committed to improving the State of the World.”

Now one of the ways of doing is to promote peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. 

The WEF on the other hand shows its bias by not inviting Vladimir Putin to Davos whereas Volodymyr Zelensky is not only allowed the platform but his belligerence and war rhetoric is met with thunderous applause. 

The WEF 2022 indeed acted as a war-participant itself. It announced it had “severed all relations with the Russian government and president Vladimir Putin” and “scrubbed Putin from the WEF website”. 

Now this is not what you would call the “Commitment to improving the State of the World.” 

If anything, WEF has appeared no better than a mouthpiece for US-NATO propaganda in recent months. 

But then what better you’d expect from globalists whose very survival depends on the globalisation agenda; where nations are supposed to lose their sovereignty and submit to globalism. 

This is what Schwab said in WEF, 2022: “A new dividing line exists in politics and society…between globalism and nationalism, between cooperation and protectionism, between embracing the new and preserving the old.”

So it’s not a struggle between Left and Right—it’s between globalism and nationalism. 

The “new” that Schwab propagates is the “Great Reset” or the “New World Order.” 

The “old” is where you live with your heritage, your culture, your soil or your Gods. 

This “Great Reset” is chasing you, the people, to oblivion. 

Oxfam says the 10 richest men in the world today own more than the bottom 3.1 billion people.

The 1% wealthiest of Americans have garnered 25 trillion dollars in the last 40 years: The bottom half, in comparison, has seen their wealth fall by 1,000 billion dollars. 

Since 1978, corporate executives have been compensated to the tune of 900%: The wages of a typical American grew just by 12%. 

The average earning of world population is less than 3 dollars per day. 

As the “Davos Man” has his way with tax-reduction and anti-trust blocking, and as the government’s revenue drop, the social welfare programme takes a hit, the wages sink, you and I are reduced to margins. 

This is the way to unrest, anarchy and even civil war and not the Democracy we hear from elites as sweeteners. 

Huntington again: “Global elites have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the elite’s global operations.”

With their jets and yachts, manifold mansions and private islands, the “Davos Man” of course is unmoored from the rest of humanity.

Every year, the WEF chooses hundreds of Young Global Leaders, a global network which comes to dominate large corporations, politics, academia and media in due course. Justin Trudeau has been one of the boys as has been Raghav Chadha, the AAP’s very own.

These globalists are the unelected world government where the people are nothing but a nuisance. 

This “Davos Man” failed to see the debt crisis of 2008 and is clearly unaware of the deindustrialization of the West. All it has done is to pillage the global economy, exploit workers, looted what was meant for health care, social welfare etc and yet demanded they be supported by their labour. 

The history since World War II has been a tale of wealth flowing upwards in the United States, Europe and other major economies. 

It’s a tale where a select few have subverted democracy and replaced it by a new global class which shapes our future on the basis of their own interests. 

The lobbyists, such as in World Economic Forum, have been in power, directing policies which affect the lives of we the people. 

But Ukraine could be the catalyst which could bring this sinful conduct to an end. 

I leave you with these paraphrased words from Putin on WEF: 

The era of the unipolar world, led by America and the WEF’s Great Reset, is over. The future world order, already in progress, will be formed by strong sovereign States…The future world order, already in progress, will not be the one plotted by America and the WEF, but will be formed by strong sovereign states. It is a lesson that the godless West will be made to learn the hard way.

(For those interested in diving deep on the matter, NewsBred suggests Davos Man: How the Billionaires Devoured the World by Peter S. Goodman).

POSTSCRIPT: So what do we make of India’s spirited presence in WEF every year? Now for a developing nation, investment is a requisite. But India under Modi is a nationalistic and not a globalist agenda—or we won’t be standing with Russia unlike the WEF. India also shows its growth for technological cooperation with the world. WEF is nothing more than a bazaar for India — it doesn’t see the world like the Davos Man does. 

To be continued

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