Tuesday, April 16, 2024



In threatening Russia, France is a laughing stock

Who would’ve thought Ukraine of all places would mark the unravelling of West’s hegemony.  It has left NATO degraded, Europe crippled and those who believed...

Unknown to you, an all-Africa War is looming!


Niger to be attacked by fellow West African nations

The militaries of several ECOWAS members have agreed on a plan for military intervention in Niger and are waiting for a final political decision,...

Niger: Another war theatre between the West & Russia opens up

Niger probably is vague in your mind.  It’s in West Africa, has just undergone a coup, and is facing an invasion this Sunday from ECOWAS...

Why is India exporting vaccines? Why World and not India First?

All those who swoon on West pay attention. Think before you praise their leaders and their moral compass. That seductive LivesFirst or #BlackLivesMatter which...

Could India be attacked both by China and Pakistan together?

If India is attacked, it would have not just China but Pakistan also to take care of on multiple fronts. The two enemy allies would...


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