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In threatening Russia, France is a laughing stock

Who would’ve thought Ukraine of all places would mark the unravelling of West’s hegemony.  It has left NATO degraded, Europe crippled and those who believed...

Unknown to you, an all-Africa War is looming!


Don’t meddle in Niger: Russia warns the West 

Russia considers any interference in Niger’s domestic affairs counterproductive, said Oleg Ozerov, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s ambassador-at-large and head of the Secretariat of the...

France refuses to pull out troops from Niger!

France has insisted on fulfilling five military cooperation agreements with Niger, because the accords were signed with the West African state’s ‘legitimate authorities,’ despite the former...

Niger to be attacked by fellow West African nations

The militaries of several ECOWAS members have agreed on a plan for military intervention in Niger and are waiting for a final political decision,...

Niger: Another war theatre between the West & Russia opens up

Niger probably is vague in your mind.  It’s in West Africa, has just undergone a coup, and is facing an invasion this Sunday from ECOWAS...

300 schoolgirls kidnapped and no outrage: Black Lives Don’t Matter now?

More than 300 schoolgirls have been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen from a school in north-western Nigeria.  It happened on Friday morning and as per police,...

Pak wanted Kashmir on agenda of Islamic nations; OIC gives it a royal ignore

For Pakistan, it has become a new normal to get social embarrassment on global platforms. In another major humiliation, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation...


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