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Why US-UK are powerless against Houthis in Red Sea

There were 19 nations which had signed for the task force.  But not just a few European allies (France, Italy, Spain etc) have backed out;...

Why US is dithering on Houthis in Red Sea

If numbers interest you, there are one too many which tell how crucial is the Bab-el Mandeb Strait (Red Sea) for trade between East...

The sham “truce” and the Iran Question

This Israel-Hamas “temporary truce” is such a sham.  All it does is to make Israel and the United States appear “generous” and “humanitarian” while still...

US’ latest aid is “sedative pill” to collapsing Ukraine: Russia

Washington has announced yet another military aid package for Ukraine worth around $100 million, after the Pentagon warned earlier this month that it was running...

Has Israel walked into a Hamas trap? 

It’s ten days since Hamas attacked but Israel hasn’t begun the promised ground invasion of Gaza Strip.  Is it a Hamas trap waiting for Israel...

India-Canada feud: Now to trust IMEC corridor is being naive!

Zelensky’s top aide withdraws insult to India

The top adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Mikhail Podoliak, blamed “Russian propaganda” on Wednesday for reaction to his remarks about China and India having “low intellectual...

Why Masters of Seas can’t afford the landmass to get together!

Vile campaign to neutralize India in BRICS

India doesn’t deserve the vilification campaign presently rife.  Reports claim India has been a reluctant BRICS traveller; that it blocked Algeria’s entry at France’s request,...

India unveils first images from Chandrayaan’s Moon Mission

India’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft has accomplished its first Moon-bound orbit reduction maneuver, following its successful orbit insertion a day earlier, the Indian Space Research Organisation...


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