Saturday, April 13, 2024

Was Moscow attacked to rouse Russia to eliminate Zelensky?

A terrorist strike in a City Hall in Moscow kill 200 people. 

The strike is claimed by ISIS – K (Khorasan). 

Four perpetrators of this massive tragedy are caught fleeing towards Ukrainian border. 

We hear from the United States that this attack is not by Ukraine. 

That they had warned Moscow in advance of an impending terrorist attack. 

The terrorist themselves claim they were lured into this operation by the promise of a $5000 offer on Telegram channel. 


So the men were mere mercenaries. 

There was no ideology involved.

They had no axe to grind against Russia. 

They were from Tajikistan.

And that we must ignore that some members of the ISIS had been fighting for Ukraine against Russia. 

Or thus must not be seen a Ukraine-United States hand in this terrible tragedy. 


Let’s view the assertion that the United States had warned Moscow in advance. 

We do know that on March 7, the US Embassy in Moscow had warned the American citizens to stay away from “large gatherings” as it had “reports” that “extremists have imminent plans” to target Moscow. 

Since the US Embassy had relied on “intelligence” from Washington DC we must deduce the US had specific inputs. 

These were never shared with Moscow. 

This information was so precise that within two hours of the attack, the State Department declared Ukraine was not behind the attack—at a time when even the Moscow police was in dark about how many were the attackers, what weapons they used and how many had been killed or whether there had been hostages. 

Holding off such information is complicity even if one has no way of knowing if the orchestrators were the States at war with Russia. 

Guys from Tajikistan, lured by offer of $5,000, with no ideological hostility against Russia…somehow this all doesn’t make sense. 


A month ago, Victoria “F-The-EU” Nuland, the Deputy 

Secretary of State who has since quit, claimed that aid to Ukraine would allow it to accelerate the “asymmetric warfare that has been most effective” and that Putin is “sure to face some nasty surprises.”

We must not also forget that the artillery and missile attacks on Russian civilians in the Donbas and in Belgorod region, by the munitions supplied by the US-NATO combine, does make the Western powers a facilitator of terrorist attacks. 

It has also been noted that President Joe Biden has made no contact with Putin to express his sorrow or empathy — much unlike how he had hosted the widow of Alexey Navalny, expressing fake grief on the death of this political opponent of Putin. 


The deception doesn’t end here. 

We have multiple manipulated images on Social Media where the apprehended terrorists are being shown subjected to some intense torture by Russian agencies. 

One of them had his hair being pulled, another one’s eyes popping out of socket, someone’s ears being chopped off and shocks being delivered on the fourth man’s genitals. 

Now that these perpetrators have been presented in a court of law in Moscow, none of them appeared to have suffered any such bodily harm. 

This fake propaganda  was all done in order to raise the “human rights” bogies, the global norms on torture, never mind such fakes are totally absent on Gaza for last five months and Abu Gharib and Guantanamo Bay never pricked their conscience. 


Fights do get nasty when one party is unable to have its way. 

When Sanctions don’t work, billions of aid doesn’t work, expensive weapons don’t work, entire eco-system doesn’t work, non-stop propaganda doesn’t work, “rules-based” terrorism is all which is left. 

This will also not work, unless and until the idea is that pressed by an outraged citizenry, Russia in retaliation takes out Kiev’s headquarters and eliminate Zelensky forever. 

In essence, giving Washington an excuse to pull out of Ukraine quagmire and move on to next murderous operation. 

It was Samuel Huntington who once wrote words to this effect: The West’s control of the world of last few centuries isn’t because of any superior idea or values: It is because of its propensity for organized violence. 

That this ensemble which includes the sinful media is still able to fool us as upholder of human and moral values is some feat.

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