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Moscow City Hall attack: ISIS-K alright but who is behind them? 


In threatening Russia, France is a laughing stock

Who would’ve thought Ukraine of all places would mark the unravelling of West’s hegemony.  It has left NATO degraded, Europe crippled and those who believed...

Ukraine loses in millions, losing war: Ex Polish army chief

Ukraine’s losses in the conflict with Russia should be counted “in the millions,” the former chief of the Polish General Staff, Rajmund Andrzejczak, has claimed. Kiev “is...

Ukraine declares power emergency

The Ukrainian government on Thursday requested emergency assistance from Poland, Romania, and Slovakia as freezing temperatures caused a shortage of power in the electrical...

US’ latest aid is “sedative pill” to collapsing Ukraine: Russia

Washington has announced yet another military aid package for Ukraine worth around $100 million, after the Pentagon warned earlier this month that it was running...

“NATO could collapse by 2025”

The return of Donald Trump to the White House could spell the end for US military aid to Ukraine, leaving a divided Europe to...

Zelensky blames West for failed counter-offensive

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky attributed the delay and lackluster results of his military’s much-hyped counteroffensive to insufficient weapons and training from Kiev’s Western allies...

Cluster Bombs: Whatever happened to the ban of its use? 

Ukraine has started using the Cluster Bombs after its public appeal to the West to its supply was heeded by the Washington.  The allies, which...

Zelensky dragging the world into hell, warns Russia

Faced with failure on the battlefield, Ukraine’s president is trying to drag NATO into the conflict with a false-flag attack on Europe’s largest nuclear...

The first fake coup in history: And the West indeed was fooled

So the first fake military coup of the history is over.  Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagnerites were 200km away from Moscow when hands were shook, a lot...


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