Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The first fake coup in history: And the West indeed was fooled

So the first fake military coup of the history is over. 

Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagnerites were 200km away from Moscow when hands were shook, a lot of credit went to Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, and its now business as usual. 

The idiots who were jumping up and down in Washington and Kiev missed a few obvious in their pathological hatred for Vladimir Putin. 

  • How could 25,000 Wagnerites take over Russia without air support and anti-air defense, never mind the support of the people?
  • Who would’ve supplied these rebels with food and ammunition? 
  • How is it that the long frontlines showed no skirmish, forget a long-drawn battle between the Russian and Wagner forces?
  • Who attempts a coup in open, marching hundreds of kilometres, almost for a full 24 hours, when it’s always done in stealth, most likely in midnight? 
  • What do you think is the possibility of such march going undetected? 

How could Prighozin on his own decide upon a coup when he is not a military commander, in essence just a publicist for Wagner: I mean moving whole divisions involves the entire command staff, major generals and squad leaders etc. It’s not as if Prighozin would issue an order and everyone would do his bidding. This is Hollywood stuff; it doesn’t happen in real world. 

It’s well-known that Wagner has a considerable number of ex Russian officers and soldiers: A coup wouldn’t have been possible without they being purged—and there was none in this instance. 

It’s been more than six months since Prighozin has been making noise: sometimes on lack of ammunition and often a rant against Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu. 

All of Prighozin’s baits were taken hook, line and sinker by the West and its corrupt media and often with disastrous consequences: It buoyed the enemy into walking into a trap, sensing a discord or lack of weapons, and throwing themselves into the “meat-grinder” in thousands. 

Come to think of it: If Prighozin indeed was causing trouble, why would Putin tolerate him against his own mission to the advantage of his enemies for these long months? 

There is every likelihood this deception was rooted in strong logic: One, the blame wouldn’t come squarely on Putin if the military goals were not met; arguably defense minister Sergey Shoigu would be the fall guy; and Putin would still be the charismatic leader to his millions of citizens, tragically betrayed by the very men he trusted. 

The next logical question is: Why this antic at the very moment when Ukraine is in the midst of its counter-offensive? 

First, it’s important to remember that Prighozin and Putin met each other only nine days ago on June 14: A meeting they described as “productive.”

Secondly, by taking “control” of city of Rostov, the “feeding” centre of frontlines, and marching in a straight line for Moscow, possibly Wagner was playing the act of drawing attention away from what Russia has planned in next coming days. 

The involvement of Belarus—Prigohzin has been granted an access to this country—-suggests a massive attack away from the frontlines, possibly Kharkiv, is in offing. Or it could be Belgorod they have set their sights upon. Chechens, we already know, are moving towards Wagnerites and joining the epicentre of tension. Its also an apt moment for Russia to mobilize its reserves.

All Putin has managed in last few hours is to successfully mobilize the support of his citizens: Possibly also identified the fifth columns who would’ve thrown off their cloak of patriotism sensing a coup. 

In Russia, they call it Maskirovka, a deception too difficult for  the enemy to understand. Putin, an admirer of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, must have read that: All warfare is based on deception—you attack when you appear unable to do so; you mobilize when your forces appear inactive; when near your enemy you make them believe you are afar; and when far away you make you enemy believe you are near.

The weird coup most likely was no better than a PsyOp, intended to fool the enemy. Putin’s short speech in the midst of “coup” was a giveaway: Hardly angry or pissed, as if he was reading a script. 

And he is driving the West nuts. 

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