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A year of new identity for Ladakh: LG Mathur shares Vision 2050

LG R.K. Mathur greeted the people of Ladakh on Saturday as it completed one year of existence as a Union Territory (UT). He used the anniversary celebrations for launch of several completed projects and also announced many new projects.

Addressing the Ladakhis, Mathur said that Ladakh has made tremendous progress during one year of existence as a UT. The unprecedented pace of development was never witnessed during the past 73 years, he said. He expressed gratitude to PM Narendra Modi for initiating steps to conserve the identity of Ladakh.

“It gives me immense pleasure to have witnessed the kind of unity and discipline which the people of Ladakh hold, be it for preparations for the harsh winter months, facing the pandemic and the LAHDC elections, is worth appreciating,” he stated.

The same attitude will play a pivotal role in taking Ladakh to newer heights as a UT, he said. He also appreciated the efforts put in by student groups of Ladakh in helping the administration deal with the pandemic.

Mathur expressed the hope that with dedicated officers, a strong political leadership, an educated populace and generous flow of funds from the Centre, Ladakh will be transformed.

Speaking of Ladakh’s VISION 2050, he requested all Ladakhis to share their inputs.

Agriculture, horticulture, medicinal and aromatic plants, and renewable energies such as wind, solar, hydel and geothermal have huge potential in Ladakh. Better harnessing and exploitation of these resources can change Ladakh’s economy, he said.

Incidentally, two UTs, one of Jammu and Kashmir, and second of Ladakh, were born on October 31, 2019, due to Reorganization Act passed on August 5/6, a couple of months earlier. The mood in two UTs could not have been perhaps more different than was witnessed at Leh and in Jammu as also Srinagar cities.

Most people in J&K were rather sombre regarding the UT status of the erstwhile state. It definitely was a downgrade of political status while for Ladakh it was the fulfillment of a cherished dream, and a sudden upgrade.

Most people in J&K have been busy discussing the changed land laws which were notified a week ago. Various posts parties, barring BJP, are up in arms against allowing all Indians to buy land in the UT.


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