Sunday, May 19, 2024

AMU and AIMIM’s Farhan Zuberi booked on beheadings remark

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) student leader Farhan Zuberi, who not only justified the beheading of people in France but also gave open threats of beheading people who disrespect Prophet Muhammad, was booked by Aligarh police on Saturday.

The student leader who is also an AIMIM leader was booked for making threats to life and property in his speech under section 506, 153 of IPC – for criminal intimidation.

Zuberi was leading the protest at AMU against the French president Emmanuel Macron for naming “Islamist terror” on a spate of killings which have happened in France in recent days.  In the viral video, he could be heard saying that he will behead anyone who disrespects Prophet Mohammad.

 AIMIM has already distanced itself from his remarks. UP Shia Waqf Board has also criticized the comments of Farhan. The Chairman Waseem Rizvi said that this is not what Islam has taught them.

“Throughout the country, such Muslims are engaged in insulting Prophet Muhammad with their Terrorist ideology. The way you present your behaviour, the world will connect it with Prophet Muhammad. If you threaten to behead, people will think that this is what Prophet Muhammad has taught you. This is what Islam has taught (you),” said Rizvi.

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