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Another Ukraine is unfolding in Europe: Who would bell the West?

Citizens of Belgrade, with anti-NATO slogans, and photograph of Russian president Vladimir Putin (A file photo)

(As Serbia is baited by Kosovo, no better than a pawn to West like Ukraine is for Russia, we recommend readers the author’s widely-acclaimed book on Yugoslavia’s destruction – HOW UNITED STATES SHOT HUMANITY…” — which was the genesis of much of world’s problem today, including spurt in terrorism.)

Another Ukraine is unfolding in Europe, and likewise it is of West’s making. 

Kosovo is making life difficult for a large number of Serbs within their territory and Serbia can’t be a spectator for long, as Russia couldn’t be to what was happening to ethnic Russians in the Donbass region of Ukraine. 

Serbia has the UN resolution and international agreements on its side, much as Russia had Minsk Agreements to protect lives of helpless fellow ethnics. But international rules and treaties in our world are bound to the little finger of West and are useless if it doesn’t suit them. 

If Serbia intervenes—and its hands are being forced—it would be portrayed as aggressor, like Russia has been, and the combined weight of West would strike and crush the Serbs for a very, very long time. 

Unlike Russia, Serbia is a small, poor, non-nuclear European country and would’ve no means to defend itself. 

The brutal West is unable to come to terms that Serbia hasn’t sanctioned Russia on Ukraine and sees it as a sign of Slavic brotherhood between the two nations. 

There are a clutch of other motives which the West has on Serbia to which I would come later. As of now, let me give a little background to the extremely volatile situation developing between Kosovo and Serbia in Southern Europe. For the Old Continent, this Ukraine 2 — as if Ukraine 1 wasn’t enough—holds the seeds to destruction of humanity on a much wider and worse scale than the two World Wars. 

A brief background

If you look at the map, you would find Kosovo as a southern tail of Serbia which has Hungary in its north and Romania and Bulgaria in east. 

Serbs, as people, have suffered for 400 years under the Ottomans, Habsburg, Hitler’s Germany and by the machinations of the West for the last 30 years. 

They suffered under the Ottomans for they were not Muslims and were heavily taxed and denied ownership of property. 

When the Habsburg monarchy fed itself on the decaying Ottomans in the second half of the 20th century, they found Serbia an obstacle to their designs on the rest of the Balkans. 

Serbia then was a much larger entity, combining Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albanians and handed over the much-needed pretext to the Austro-Hungarian (Habsburg) Empire when the Archduke Francis Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914. 

It sounded the outbreak of World War I, Austria-Hungary ended up as losers and Serbia found itself enlarged as the leaders of Slovenia and Croatia also chose to unite with them into a single kingdom. 

(Slovenia and Croatia did so to go from the losing to the winning side and avoid paying war reparations. Better still, enlarging themselves on the Adriatic coast at the expense of Italy.)

This joint kingdom was renamed “Jugoslavia” in 1929. Croats and Serbia though engaged in fierce conflicts soon enough to plague what could be termed as the “First Yugoslavia.”

In 1941, Serb patriots rebelled against the Kingdom of Yugoslavia who had joined hands with Nazi Germany during World War II. This led to a German invasion, bombing of Belgrade, and creation of an independent fascist state of Croatia (including Bosnia-Herzegovina), attaching much of the Serbian province of Kosovo to Albania, then a puppet of Mussolini’s Italy. Croatian Ustashe followed it up with unleashing of a genocide against the Serbs. 

After World War II, the Communist Yugoslavia broke up with Soviet Union in 1948. Josip Broz Tito was the helmsman in this own course of “self-management” and also made a few of Yugoslavia’s provinces almost autonomous, like Kosovo. 

Once Tito died in 1980, things took turn for the worse. Yugoslavia fell neck deep in debt to the West. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) arrived with austerity measures but Slovenia and Croatia, the two richer Republics within Yugoslavia, were not prepared to pay for other poor republics of the State. 

The first multiparty elections were held in 1990—not in all of Yugoslavia but separately in each Republic. It was an invitation for Slovenia and Croatia to declare themselves as independent. 

Internal administrative borders were now international borders. The defending Serbian army was now the aggressors. The protesting Serbs, within the fold of the two newly independent nations, were secessionists! The 1975 Helsinki Accord of inviolable territorial integrity was thrown into bin. 

The demise of Soviet Union in 1991 was the trigger for the West—US, Germany, NATO and media in particular—to bare fangs in open against the “aggressor” Serbs. Russia in post-Soviet world was in its own existential crisis anyway. It was time now to punish their Slavic brothers. (Like its done with Russia and Serbia now through their pawns in Ukraine and Kosovo). 

The West’s machinations led to one after another Republics breaking away from what once was Yugoslavia. Serbia was now a standalone nation but its woes were unending. An orchestrated insurgency was initiated in its Kosovo part between 1995-1998. When Serbia tried to quell it, under the pretext of Human Rights, NATO intervened and bombed Serbia for 78 days. Yes 78 days!

Present Times

This led to creation of Kosovo. A “country’ which is unrecognised by the United Nations; likewise by five states of the European Union; nor by India or China; and indeed not by half of all the nations of the world. 

But it exists, for it gives the United States its biggest military base, Bondsteel, in the heart of Europe; Germany an access to Adriatic Sea; in Kosovo a dream of a greater Albania to Albanians, a Muslim nation within Europe, which is yet another tool the US could use to keep the Old Continent in torment. The Neo-Nazis in Ukraine and Jihadists, not to say refugees spilling over from the war-torn Middle East and Africa, is anarchy waiting to happen in Europe which suits the United States no end up. 

This Kosovo card has now been brought out to drag Russia into a wider war if they rise in defence of fellow Slavs. Kosovo has intensified its persecution of Serbs within their territory and Serbia can’t afford to look the other way, armed as it is with UN resolutions and international agreements. 

There is UN Security Council Resolution 1244 which provides for Serbia to send its security forces into the province to protect ethnic Serbs if required. 

The 2013 Brussels agreement envisioned the autonomy for the remaining ethnic Serbs in Kosovo. 

Under the Washington Agreement of 2020, Kosovo had agreed not to apply for membership in any international organisations. 

Yet Kosovo has now gone back on its word and is applying for a membership in the EU in next two days on December 15. 

In all this, the West has looked the other way on the matter of upholding international laws.

When Serbia suggested it would send its troops to defend ethnic Serbs within the Kosovo territory, as deemed legal by the UN Resolution 1244, Germany called it an “absurd” move. 

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic is saying his nation is “nailed to the wall.” Serbia isn’t being permitted even to be neutral in the Ukraine conflict—its’ being forced by the West to come out in open and criticize Russia. (It must make you marvel the nerves of India which has stood its ground against the overbearing West on the Ukraine conflict.)

Don’t be surprised if there is a false flag attack in coming days—a bomb attack or a massacre—which would give the West a pretext to blame it on Serbia and Russia and widen the conflict. 

On one hand it shows the frustration of West in failing to bring Russia on its knees. On the other hand, Serbs, the whipping boys of history, are finding their demons rise again. 

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