“Champu Sena” is how Kangana calls sycophants who do “Pappu’s” bidding

21th September 2020

21th September 2020

The lie-factory which works overtime to distort the narrative has been given a new name by the irrepressible Kangana Ranaut—she calls them “Champu Sena.”

“As Sri Krishna had a Narayani Sena, Pappu too has a Champu Sena who only knows how to fight with rumour-mongering,” said Ranaut after her tweet on farmers’ bill was twisted out of context by many, including Times of India no less.

As the heat on farmers’ bill picked up, Kangana Ranaut had quoted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweet, which had assured farmers on their well-being, and said it was impossible to explain anything to someone who is pretending to sleep. She claimed that those spreading misinformation are like terrorists who made people lose lives even though not a single citizen’s citizenship was lost.

It thus happened that Times of India twisted her statement and claimed that Kangana Ranaut was calling farmers as terrorists. ToI alleged that Kangana had called out protestors as “the same terrorists who indulged in bloodshed even as no citizen lost citizenship due to CAA.”  However, Kangana was referring to those who had provoked anti-CAA protests across India that led to Delhi riots in February 2020.

Following this uproar, Kangana took her critics on and tweeted that if anybody could prove that she had called farmers terrorists, she would leave twitter.

And yes, she didn’t forget to call out these sycophants who specialize in twisting statements and spreading rumours.

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