So what’s the link between Tharoor, Greta Thunberg and the “toolkit”?

22nd February 2021

22nd February 2021

So what is the link between Shashi Tharoor—and his party Congress by extension—with propagandist Greta Thunberg masquerading as climate activist? 

Well, the “toolkit” of Thunberg is too recent to be forgotten and if you remember her exhortation to “Defame Chai and Yoga” (see image below), the latest from Tharoor’s rotten mind would serve up a link. 

Tharoor has tweeted a cartoon from the American sitcom series “The Simpsons” where Marge Simpson is in a doggie pose, it’s called, “Yoga Pose,” and her Yoga instructor is called “Indian taxpayer” pose. 

Let’s first have a look at Tharoor’s tweet (below): 

Now Sunday of course was not a National Yoga Day, it being June 21. But Tharoor couldn’t resist the jibe, presumably on the hike in fuel prices which is hurtful to a common citizen. Tharoor of course is typically facile since the state Rajasthan where petrol first crossed Rs 100 is run by his own Congress party and has contributed to this three-figure score with its own taxes. 

But that’s one point. Another point is how demeaning it is for women-audience to his tweet. Not to just feminist but arguably to all womenfolks to show them in a surrendering, servile position. It’s sexist at best, and perversion at worst. It certainly doesn’t back the “women empowerment” motto which his Congress party professes by in its manifesto. 

It certainly doesn’t behove a Member of Parliament who once held hopes to be the Secretary General of the United Nations. A man who claims to be erudite, man of world, suave and a regular in elite circles globally. 

Of course Tharoor’s tweet takes care of both “Chai and Yoga” per se. “Chai” is meant to demean India’s prime minister Narendra Modi who is virtually identified with the term, having been a “chai-seller” in his early days and known to evoke meetings which are called “Chai Pe Charcha.”

The netizens, as expected, took Tharoor on mercilessly. 


Another one tweeted: The title of his next book should be: Perversion: Thy name is Tharoor.





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