The truth of Shaheen Bagh and “ammas” and “dadis” is laid bare in police charge sheet

22th September 2020

22th September 2020

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(It’s a long day readers. I would keep it as brief as possible. So that you must know the truth of Delhi riots of February. Till we the citizens are alert, such riots could happen around our homes and one of us could meet the fate of unfortunate Ankit Sharma.)

Delhi Police filed a 17,000-page long charge sheet on Delhi riots on Monday. The riots broke out on February 24 and left 53 dead, over 200 injured.

It has named 15 accused in the case related to larger conspiracy: Their names are Taahir Hussain, Mohd. Parvez Ahmed, Mohd Illyas, Saifi Khalid, Ishrat Jahan, Miran Haider, Safoora Zargar, Asif Iqbal Tanha, Shadab Ahmed, Natasha Narwal, Devangana Kalita, Tasleem Ahmed, Saleem Malik, Mohd Saleem Khan and Athar Khan.

The name of film-maker Rahul Roy keeps coming in the charge sheet about whom I would detail in the end. This piece is about the role Muslim women played in hundreds in the heinous crime. Inevitably, the name of Shaheen Bagh keeps cropping up.

The charge sheet says “key conspirators” arranged buses, around 300 women, and logistics to execute “pan-Delhi protests” against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

On February 16-17, the accused met at Chand Bagh at midnight. Their initial “hotspots” were in “North East, Shahdara, South Districts with the areas of Chand Bagh and Jafrabad” being the targets.

These “key characters” decided to go for “chakka jam” on carefully chosen sites to paralyze traffic and flow of life.

"The 'chakka jaam' would be followed by confrontation and attack on policemen and public persons, damage, and destruction of public property by use of arson and other means in these so engineered riots," it said.

Around 300-odd Muslim women protestors from Jahangir Puri were dispatched to Shaheen Bagh on February 23 (a day prior to riots). From Shaheen Bagh, these women protestors were taken to Jafrabad, as per the charge sheet. It shows how Shaheen Bagh, on the benign face of its "ammas" and "dadis", was actually a hotbed of creating riots which cost lives and has left a scar on the minds of millions. 

“Ladies, numbering approximately 300 had precipitated in violence at Jafrabad by clashing with police personnel and pro-CAA protestors,” Police charge sheet states, “After lighting the initial spark, these ladies were sent back to Jahangir Puri.”

Who the conspirators were, how they planned in detail, and how film-maker Rahul Roy appeared to be the focal point of engineering the riots, are in detail in this report.

Rahul Roy is a Communist in leanings as support from socialist websites, Caravan magazine etc on him are in prominence in social media. He is a documentary film-maker who, because of his ideology, doesn’t seem short of funds or reviews. He also thus gains international audience though very few in India know about him. Importantly, he has a Delhi-based trust Aakar which works across South Asian region (how do you get the funds, dude) and this, readers, might interest you – He is a graduate from Jamia Millia Islamia.

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