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Between your life and death stand cops. But who stands for them?

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(Dr. Anand Ranaganathan, famous for calling a spade a spade on TV debates, and on Social Media, was asked by Times Now of what he makes out of the Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren virtually apologising to rioters for the two deaths which occurred after the policemen fired in self-defence last week. Mr Ranganathan’s words need be heard by all who didn’t see him speak on television. Transcript is below—the video is at the end of this piece,)

Rahul Shivshankar: Friday night, clean chits are being doled out. First, you have the chief minister, then you have the minister, then you have the prabhari of the Muslim Community Mr Asaduddin Owaisi coming out and saying the police did an absolutely wrong thing. In self-defence, they should not have shot, they should have allowed themselves to be martyred, for the larger cause, god knows what that cause is. What do you think is happening doctor?

Anand Ranganathan: What the Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren said, virtually apologizing for maintaining Law and Order. It’s a slap on the faces of the underpaid, overworked policemen, who are our first and last defence against murder and mayhem. 

Anyone who saw those scenes in Ranchi Jharkhand, those last gasp efforts of the brave policemen at maintaining law and order.When being overrun by religious fanatics and hooligans out to destroy property and kill innocents, (one) would be ashamed of Mr Soren’s flippant apologia: Galti Ho Gayi, he says. Mr Soren,  you should instead apologize to your police forces.

Tell me how else are you supposed to contain a mob blocking roads baying for your blood, shouting “Sir tan se juda”, hurling stones at you charging at you. What else are you supposed to do, when all your previous efforts at containing are proven futile. Is firing live rounds not a prescribed action? 

Doubtless, any loss of life is tragic. But look at the circumstances. Did you not hear that teary-eyed policeman in the clip screaming for extra support? It was either him or the mob. What does one do under such circumstances but in apologizing, is Mr Soren the exception? 

Sadly, no. Every government state or Central does this. They  have been forced to bend before such bullying and appeasement, but they don’t mind shooting 30 Ram Rahim supporters. No, then there is no outrage. 

You recall a Kashmiri Islamist pushing children in front, so that when they are injured through pellets, their sleeper cells in the media splash the images all across the world. 

Let me show you a photo. Do you know what this is? This is tens of thousands of people collected at the funeral of the terrorist Burhan Wani. If someone didn’t know its antecedent and landed there by chance, he would think that Burhan Wani was a saint and had been murdered in cold blood by the security forces. In fact, even when knowing that he was a terrorist, they Communist said he’s killing is extrajudicial. Some politicians called him, a martyr others called him a Youth Icon, and the then chief minister virtually apologized. We have a condolence message. 

And if you think it is a particular breed of politicians belonging to a particular ideology? No, that’s not the case. It was the Modi government also that freed 9,200 stone pelters. Some who had killed and maimed our own jawaans. 

The sad truth is India has now been given a choice, a choice as clear as day. If you do not stand with your last defence of our security forces and our policemen, then I’m afraid you stand alone. And you stand opposite of mob, that is glaring at you.)

So yes. 

Who stands in our defence.

When your daughter is teased outside your home; when your advance is unreturned; when encroachers straddle your gate; when you are waylaid; when you are bullied for no reason; who do approach but the Cops?

And what do you say to Cops who refuse to enter a locality where they think they would be outnumbered and which has stones in tonnes?

Those mini enclaves where India ends and Sharia begins. 

And what if our cities start turning into those mini enclaves because Cops are on leash and lumpens are afforded a free field by those very we elect to shield us?

India’s police force is minuscule (181 per lakh citizens), they are massively burdened and have extended working hours, they function at the whims or compulsions of their seniors who are on strings held by their political bosses. 

And when your beloved city is in flames and Cops have nothing to fall back upon—little manual or weaponry strength, little support from bosses—who would rue if they take to heels, leaving you and your neighbourhood to its horrific fate?

It is that kind of moment in our Republic’s life.  When its citizens are enveloped in fear. When its politicians and judiciary are missing. When anarchy is spreading. 

Now no cops. And the mob is sweeping the streets. As Dr Ranganathan aptly says: We All Stand Alone. 

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