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Boris Johnson invokes Rama and Sita in fight to prevail over Coronavirus

United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson celebrated the Diwali spirit by drawing parallels between Ramayana and Britain’s fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

While addressing the iGobal Diwali Fest 2020, Johnson delivered a message of optimism about overcoming the coronavirus. He mentioned that just as Diwali teaches us the light triumphs over darkness and good over evil, people across the country will also overcome the virus through their inner strength and unity.

“Just as Lord Rama and his wife Sita found their way home after the defeat of the demon king Ravana, their way lit by many millions of lamps, so to we shall find our way through this, and we shall do so triumphantly,” he added further.

Not only this, but the UK PM also went on to acknowledge the Indian community residing in the UK for the sacrifices they may have to make for a safer Diwali amid a global pandemic. The British PM said that he knows the celebration without Samosa or Gulab Jamun would be a sacrifice but these sacrifices will really help in saving lives

I have been blown away by the inspirational way in which Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains have responded to this crisis with compassion, community spirit, and a can-do attitude” he remarked.

A three-day virtual Diwali fest, iGlobal Diwali Fest 2020 will be organized which will see the participation of top British politicians, including UK Home Secretary Priti Patel Opposition Labour Party Leader Keir Starmer and Liberal Democrat Ed Davey.

Boris Johnson announced the second lockdown in the UK, which will continue till at least December 2, 2020.

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