Thursday, May 30, 2024

Centres tells SC to let Parliament frame rules for electronic media

In an affidavit regarding the guidelines for digital media for spreading poisonous hatred, the government today told the Supreme Court that they should first regulate web-based media. The government also added that the court should leave it to Parliament to decide the rules of electronic media.

It said the top court should either leave it to the government and competent legislature to frame fresh guidelines for print and electronic media, or start this exercise with controlling digital media first.

According to the affidavit, broadcaster and publisher, when finding themselves under the radar for certain content, may start using digital media to publish the same thing since the latter has no regulations.

The Centre has suggested the Supreme Court must frame regulatory mechanisms for curbing hateful and communal content on social and digital media platforms.

“There is absolutely no check on the web-based digital media. Apart from spreading venomous hatred, deliberate and intended instigation to not only cause violence but even terrorism it is also capable of indulging in tarnishing the image of individuals and institutions. The said practice is, in fact, rampant,” said the government in an affidavit.

Understanding the perpetual increase in viewership of digital media, the government knows how serious the impact these shows can have. The government has stressed upon this matter in their previous affidavit also stating that Supreme Court must look into regulating digital media before electronic media as “it has more potential to go viral due to apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook”.


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