Monday, April 22, 2024

China on Pelosi’s democracy: “A robe with lice crawling…”

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin

China is walking the talk after the US speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan this week and has announced a slew of measures against her and the US government. 

First there were sanctions against Pelosi and her immediate family members. Terming her actions as “vicious and provocative”, the Chinese foreign ministry also called her visit a stunt for personal ambitions. “A robe with lice crawling all over it,” it termed the “democracy that Pelosi offered. 

Announcing the new countermeasures, the Chinese foreign minister stated that Pelosi had disregarded his country’s concern and insisted on visiting Taiwan. 

China also suspended cooperation with the United States in a variety of areas, including high-level military dialogues and climate negotiations on Friday. 

According to the reports, China’s foreign ministry said that it was halting its collaboration with the United States on the prevention of transnational crime and drug trafficking as well as on returning illegal immigrants along with eight other particular steps. China also called off a scheduled bilateral discussion on a maritime military security mechanism through a statement that was issued just after Pelosi left Japan on the last leg of her Asian visit.

Furthermore, the Chinese Ministry stated that Pelosi’s visit significantly interfered with Chinese domestic affairs, undermined China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, violated the one-China principle, and endangered peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

The tour by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi later this week was the first by a US House Speaker to self-ruled Taiwan in 25 years after Newt Gingrich visited in April 1997. Her visit also marked her first travel to Taiwan in 22 years. 

Following the visit, China conducted massive military exercises and fired numerous ballistic missiles toward the northeast and southwest waters of Taiwan heightening regional tensions with Taiwan and Japan.

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