Monday, June 27, 2022

Chinese state media dubs Dr Swamy as CIA agent

Chinese State media referred to political leader Subramanian Swamy as Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent after he alleged that Russian President Vladimir Putin is pressurizing his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi to meet Chinese Premier Xi Jinping in Beijing. 

Taking to his official Twitter account, Swamy wrote “Putin as a junior partner of China has been summoned by Xi to be present in Beijing Winter Olympics. Putin is putting pressure on Modi to be in Beijing too so that the three can meet.”

However, responding sharply to Swamy’s tweet, State media China Daily (EU Bureau) chief Chen Weihua slammed the Indian politician, stating that the latter is trying to create discontentment between three nations- India, Russia, and China. 

Weihua wrote, “What nonsense by a CIA agent trying to drive a wedge between 3 great nations.”

He further added, “It would be great for regional and world peace if they meet either in Beijing or New Delhi or Moscow. Those in Washington clearly doesn’t like this to happen.” 

 It must be noted that this is not the first time, Swamy has been fabricating outrageous claims. 

Earlier this month, Swamy had even peddled news to claim that India had helped China to create the Wuhan coronavirus.

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