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Deepika’s alleged chat procuring drugs leaked; NCB set to summon her

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) is set to summon Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone in connection to a drug case. According to the sources, the authorities have found evidence against the actress after the chats of her with talent manager Jaya Saha went viral on the social media platforms.

The chats are said to be from October 2017 wherein Deepika is allegedly trying to procure drugs.

Reports suggested that NCB is likely to summon Deepika by Tuesday evening at the earliest. Jaya Saha has allegedly taken the names of several other actors in her interrogation by the agency.

Deepika’s manager, Karishma Prakash has already been summoned by the NCB in connection with the probe. This was her chats with Deepika that got leaked.

At 10:03 AM, (+91-992——-) Deepika writes: K…Maal you have?

At 10:05 AM, (+91-961——-) Karishma writes: I have but at home. I am at Bandra…

At 10:05, Karishma writes: I can ask Amit if you want

At 10:07, Deepika writes: Yes!! Pllleeeeasssee

At 10:08, Karishma writes: Amit has. He’s carrying it

At 10:12, Deepika writes: Hash na?

At 10:12, Deepika writes: Not weed

At 10:14, Karishma writes: What time are you coming to Koko

At 10:15: Deepika writes: 1130/12ish

At 10:15: Deepika writes: Till what time is Shal there?

Karishma writes: I think she said 11:30 because she needs to at the other place at 12

This development in case comes after Shiromani Akali Dal leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa files a complaint against Karan Johar and other big Bollywood stars.

Meanwhile, Jaya Saha has arrived for the second day in a row to NCB on Tuesday and as per sources, there are high chances that Jaya Saha could be arrested.

She has emerged out to be the ‘Kingpin’ as there has been more evidence against her for being involved in the procurement and supply of drugs.

Dhruv Chitgopekar, CEO of KWAN, the company that manages Deepika and Saha works for, along with his manager Prakash, has also been summoned for questioning.

Apart from this, Shraddha Kapoor along with Sara Ali Khan is also likely to be summoned by the NCB this week.

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