Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Disha Salian was discovered nude, claims report

Disha Salian, manager of film star Shushant Singh Rajput, and the mystery surrounding their death, is only getting murkier with each passing day.

It has now come to light, as per the Republic Bharat, that Disha Salian’s body was discovered naked. This fact has not been in public domain.

In the column ‘Sex apparent age, race or cast’, Description of clothes and of ornaments on the body’ the reports mentioned, “Female, 28 years, nude body.”

It was again mentioned in the next heading, ‘Condition of clothes-whether wet with water, stained with blood or soiled with vomit or fecal matter’ that it was a nude body.

These new facts have given wind to the theory that Disha Salian was first raped and then murdered. Which girl would first remove her clothes and then commit suicide?

Since the reports has gone viral, it has again put the spotlight on Mumbai Police, early investigators of these two tragic deaths which has shaken the nation.

Republic Bharat’s report has questioned Mumbai police on its alleged laxity. It claims there ws a delay of two days in conducting the post-mortem of Disha Salian. She was found dead on the night of June 8-9. The post-mortem was done on June 11.

Public pressure and new facts and allegations, not to say a formal complaint by Rajput’s family, has led to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) taking charge of the case. Now there is a similar demand for a CBI probe in Disha Salian’s death.

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