Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Files weeded out has cleared space twice the size of Rahstrapati Bhavan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered that space in central government offices should be cleared by the end of this month as a part of clean-up drive: Well, it could clear the size of double the area of our Rashtrapati Bhavan. 

News 18 reports that if some 7.3 lakh files are removed, seem unnecessary, nearly 3.18 lakh square feet of space could be freed. 

The floor area of the Rashtrapati Bhavan is about 2 lakh square feet. 

“A total of 9,31,442 government files have been identified for weeding out by the end of this month. 78% of the job is done. Work is on a war-scale,” a senior official in the government told News18.

The government found it had about 18.46 lakh files up for review, and it reviewed about 80% of them — 14.7 lakh files. It ultimately identified 9,31,442 files for weeding out.

The drive has been on since October 2.  

Interestingly, the government has earned Rs 4.29 crores by disposing off this scrap. 

The maximum files were weeded out of the environment ministry which had around a lakh of such files. The home ministry had 81,000, Railways 80,000 and the CBI and CBDT had about 50,000 files. 

Another major job in the drive is the cleaning of pendency of references received by the ministries from MPs and parliamentary bodies. Some 10,273 references from MPs were pending disposal in various ministries. Ministers such as Ashwini Vaishnaw and Nitin Gadkari are busy on a letter-signing spree as their ministries have the maximum pendency.  

Pending public grievances are also a priority. Some 50,000 of such grievances have been disposed. Another 78,806 have been identified. 

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