Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Firecrackers trouble: 5 booked, 2 policemen injured in West Bengal

A few firecrackers left from previous years. Kids wanting to put them to good use this Deepawali. But the West Bengal police took amiss. They arrived en posse and tried to arrest those who were defying the ban on firecrackers.

The aftermath was ugly. The residents got angry and a scuffle broke out. Policemen were assaulted by the residents of the building with hockey sticks and bamboo offshoots.

This happened in a five-storeyed building in Ashok Vihar, Belur in West Bengal.

Two Policemen were injured amongst the 11 cops who had descended on the residential complex.

Police have arrested 5 persons. All of them have been sent to police custody by Howrah Court on Friday. The accused could face a maximum of 10 years in jail.

While speaking about the incident, one police officer said, “we have strict directions from the court to implement the ban at any cost and on the other, we are getting assaulted for trying to do our duty. This is very insensitive on behalf of citizens.”

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