Thursday, June 13, 2024

G20 foreign ministers meet: What you all don’t know!

Sergey Lavrov, Dr S Jaishankar and Antony Blinken

The G20 foreign ministers’ meet has just ended in the Capital. 

We have accounts in mainstream media that but for Russia and China, a joint communique would’ve been possible

There was no joint communique, likewise, in the preceding G20 finance ministers’ meeting as Russia and China, again, didn’t agree with how the Ukraine Conflict was interpreted in the text. 

The mainstream media, with unconcealed glee, reported the US secretary of state Antony Blinken has called out Russia and China as “outliers” and “holdouts.” 

It needs little brain that Russia and China objected to how words were phrased on the Ukraine Conflict and how the burden of guilt was ascribed to the two nations. 

The mainstream media hasn’t deliberated if Russia would have legitimate points on: 

  1. Didn’t we (Russians) often try for a peace deal out of impasse before we put boots in Ukraine last year; 
  2. Was the West ever serious on peace given how its own leaders (Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande) have confessed the Minsk Agreements were only a ruse to beef up Kiev and dupe Russia which wanted nothing but safety for ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine;
  3. How much does it convey the West’ keenness for peace when the Nord Stream, the energy lifeline of Europe, was blown up under the waters, a cataclysmic event in more ways than one, which is being treated as a non-event. 

Yet, in the “peace mission”, one actor is an “outlier” while the other arguably has the support of the entire G20; that this “outlier” has plunged the rest of the world under crushing burden of raised fuel and food prices; higher debt service costs and rampant inflation. 

Now this “rest of the world” is not G20 alone even though the latter accounts for 90% of global GDP and 80% of global trade. 

Majority of the 193 nations who make up our world, including none in Africa and Latin America, and only a handful in Asia—Japan, Korea, Singapore etc—have joined the United States and EU in sanctions against Russia. 

But the mainstream media won’t let the masses take this route of reason. 

As it won’t let us reflect where was the West when the world was reeling under the pandemic and cheap vaccines to the hapless humanity owed much to India, Russia and China and little to West, prohibitive in price and unwilling as it was when the spectre of death was all over us. 

This mainstream media would also conceal that the so-called “rule-based world order” has no legal basis, nor it’s of the United Nations, but is a “double-speak” framed, used, twisted and moulded as per whims and fancies of the West.

(a) Where is “rules-based world order” in freezing the billions of assets of Afghanistan in Western banks while millions of Afghanis suffer with hunger and want?

(b) Where does the media spot the “rules-based world order” in the United Kingdom not freeing the Venezuelan gold while its citizens worry about the next square meal on the table?

(c) Where is the “rules-based world order” when Cuba continues to reel under the US sanctions even when the United Nations, overwhelmingly, has been voting against this measure for over six decades?

(d) How much do you think it is “rules-based world order” when Nord Stream pipeline is sabotaged and neither answer is provided nor question asked on Whodunnit?

I have no doubt that only a well-informed citizenry make our societies truly democratic —and its the role of mainstream media, the handmaiden of West, that it never happens. 

So false narratives are peddled and facts are assembled. 

The elites of our world can’t afford the masses to know the truth, the only threat to their hegemony, and mainstream media is nothing but a foot soldier in this mission to manipulate people. 

Somebody once argued that every mainstream article contains 3 facts, 4 conjectures, 2 false hypotheses, 6 moral judgments, 12 baseless opinions and at least 6 unfounded accusations, all following a coherent agenda. 

We live in the world which today is far worse than what George Orwell once perceived in 1984 or Aldous Huxley in Brave New World. Or how Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451) and Anthony Burgess (A Clockwork Orange) saw the dark future after the Second World War. 

Mark Twain once said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

In this world, Russia’s is an unprovoked aggression on Ukraine but one, say for example on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, was provoked for good reason.

This mass media doesn’t tell us that  thousands protest in European capitals almost every week against EU and NATO; that even a nation as friendly as Poland to Ukraine’s cause, is putting the squeeze on latter’s fleeing humanity. 

All those who vouch for the freedom of press, or all that “World Press Freedom Index” on which nations are judged, won’t tell that between the 24th (UK) and 150th (India) ranked nations, it’s the former where you can’t access a or and not the latter.  

All which I have written would mean little if we the citizens can’t call out our media. Dammit, we are on the brink of a nuclear war which would either leave us crippled or killed; or relics of the Stone Age revisited. 

I care little if you are on the side of Russia or the United States—as long as we all see our existing mainstream media as a common enemy of humanity. 

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