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Heckled for wearing a ‘sports bra’ by Congress leader, alleges Kannada actress

Popular Kannada actress Samyuktha Hegde, on Saturday, was heckled for her ‘inappropriate’ attire. 

The actress and her friends were allegedly assaulted and attacked by a Congress leader Kavitha Reddy for wearing a sports bra while working out in Bengaluru park.

The actress took to Instagram and shared the entire incident through her Instagram live. Hegde has alleged that Kavitha Reddy “tried to hit” her. In a video shared by Ms. Hegde, the Congress leader can be seen lashing out on one of the girls. She also accused Reddy of saying,

“Assholes, if you wear such clothes the next time and something happens to you, don’t come crying to anyone. This is what she told us.”

The Congress leader went on saying that the girls were “stripping in the public”

In the video, Samyuktha can be seen saying that the leader was joined by several men and tried to put baseless allegations on them. They even tried to link their name in the ongoing drug-scandal in the industry, she added further.

The actress also lashed out on Bengaluru police for doing nothing to stop the harassment. She has shown her disappointment on her Instagram by saying, “the police who came to the location behaved like nothing was wrong and spoke to her with respect while asked us to be quiet.”

While sharing the video on her Twitter handle, she tagged Bengaluru Police and wrote, “The future of our country reflects on what we do today. There are witnesses and more video evidence I request you to look into this #thisisWrong.”

Few Industry people have extended their support to Hegde.

Meanwhile, Kavitha Reddy has denied all the allegations and accused Samyuktha of doing some sort of publicity stunt.


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