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“Hinduphobic” editor finds a place in Press Council of India: Netizens outraged!

Vinod K Jose

The Central government has nominated controversial editor of much tainted The Caravan magazine, Vinod K Jose , for the reconstituted Press Council of India.

His presence did not go unnoticed by the netizens, and they were quick to outline the anti-Hindu and anti-Modi history of the editor and questioned the government about his appointment. 

Former civil services officer Sanjay Dixit termed Vinod’s inclusion in the Press Club of India as appeasement of the nation’s enemy. 

Another Twitter user reacted to the situation with a laconic response, saying #StopAppeasementPolitics.

In a Press Council of India’s gazette notification dated 7th October 2021, the organisation officially announced the appointment of 22 new members for the 14th term. The new office-bearers will hold their post for three years unless they are removed or decide to resign. The new members include journalists like Sri Ankur Dua from Chandigarh, writer Dr Baldev Raj Gupta, Sri Prakash Dubey, the convener and Group editor of Dainik Bhaskar.

The Caravan magazine is known for its leftists and anti-Hinduism agenda. The editors and writers who grace the magazine’s space are also anti-Hindus, suffering from acute Hinduphobia.

While it bashes every aspect of Hinduism, Hindu culture and society, it excuses the worst of the Islamic crimes and even glorifies them as ‘humanitarian initiatives’.

In a morbid report by Ajaz Ashraf of The Caravan, he had conducted a ‘caste analysis’ of our martyred soldiers murdered by Pakistan. 

In one session in 2019, titled, Religion and the Media’ at the Global Conference for Media Freedom, Jose said that “a hundred Christians were murdered in India” and “the RSS engineered the pogrom against the Sikhs in 1984”.

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