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Homosexuality: In our times we called it sod(x)my

Image: Courtesy Deccan Herald

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual (LGBT) is increasingly being tolerated, if not accepted, among urban Indians. 

One does agree that everyone has a right to live as they want; it doesn’t need to be criminalized or dealt with homophobia. 

My problem is not with them as individuals; it is when it is presented as a monolithic block against which no argument is permitted. 

That they not only must be accepted and tolerated by the society but they also ought to be “celebrated”. 

This is tyranny; and hardly Liberal which as an ideology was promoted to be the very safeguard against it. 

This has already come to pass in the United States, the vanguard of Liberalism, and with the “same-sex marriage” etc occupying our courts and mainstream media, who is to tell we won’t find ourselves in a similar position in not too distant a future?

So let me tell you a few things which are happening right now in the United States:

The West presently is not only hysterically gripped with LGBT but also with gender ideology. 

Gender ideology means that you could be born a boy or a girl but you could “feel” differently and if so you are allowed to undergo sex-change surgery, allowing your genitalia to be butchered under a surgeon’s knife. 

This is permissible to kids approaching puberty, bypassing the permission of their parents, as many states in the US are presently lowering the age required for kids to make their own independent calls. 

(Would you believe that in Japan the age of consent for sex till yesterday was 13 years and it wasn’t considered rape?)

There is a call to give children a medical diagnosis in case they “feel” differently than the biological sex they are born with. This diagnosis would serve as a legal basis for sex-change of young children. 

A few facts which ought to alarm you: 

  • In June last year, New York City spent over $200,000 for the “expenses” of drag queens to read books to children in public schools without the approval or even knowledge of parents; 
  • Half-naked transsexual dancers performed dirty dances in the Manhattan public school talent show, again without the parents’ knowledge; 
  • Disney has decided to promote LGBT ideology by deciding 50% of the characters in their cartoons must appear as neither man nor woman; 
  • International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach has announced that in future 10% of the national teams must be members of the “LGBT” community; 
  • In the Schoneberg district of Berlin, we now have a LGBT-themed kindergarten;
  • Facebook now recognises 58 different genders; etc, etc.

And a few examples of “hormone therapy” and “gender surgery” which could make you squirm in your seat, more so if you are parents of young daughters: 

  • Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas now takes part in women’s category and absolutely dominates it: Lia has the privilege to expose itself in front of female swimmers in women’s locker room – and dare somebody term it as a sexual harassment. (Though a man being courteous to a female in a traditional courtship is deemed just that: a case of sexual harassment); 
  • We have the instance of a 31-year-old Dutchman, Marjolein Schepers, taking “hormonal therapy” and identifying himself as a minor girl. Now this mature man is member of a female teenage football team and takes showers with 15-year-old girls. 

In the pursuit of pushing the LGBT agenda, the sinful reasoning of the West and elites to which we would come later, a few obvious red lines are purposely smudged

  • Independent research by Regent University School of Law in Virginia has confirmed that homosexuals are more likely to be pedophiles too;
  • The data tells us that for every homosexual male child abuser, there are 150.2 abused boys; the figure of heterosexual male child abuser in comparison is 19.8 girls; 
  • “Pederasty” — sexual relations between men and boys — is actively promoted in West; the gay activist organizations in the US for years permitted NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) to take part in gay prides parade; 
  • Research has also proved that homosexuals are known to be extremely promiscuous; that gay men in the US and Britain have very high percentage of infections (STDs, gonorrhoea) for they change their partners very frequently; that sexual fidelity is very rare amongst them and that it leads to violence and occasional deaths; and that group orgies are common; 
  • That homosexuality was deemed a mental disorder till 1973 by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) before they removed this classification in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM); etc, etc. 

Since LGBT community can’t procreate, they must recruit. 

It’s by now obvious that LGBT community rely largely on children to expand itself and pedophilia is today promoted as “pedosexuality”, not as a crime but a perfectly normal human sexuality which ought to be accepted by the society. 

Along with pedosexuality, an array of queer sexual practices — urolagnia, coprophilia (look for them in dictionary as too distasteful for me to describe it here) etc are being pushed as perfectly normal sexual preferences. 

Psychologists confirm that depression, suicidal thoughts, phobias, compulsive disorders, as well as drug and alcohol abuse is much higher among homosexuals than heterosexuals. 

It is said that such psychological issues are due to an “intolerant” society. 


  • Isn’t it a fact that an enormous federal funding is done for gay causes and healthcare to treat high levels of STDs? 
  • That mainstream media is in an overdrive supporting their cause; 
  • That the entire medical establishment in the West stands behind them; 
  • That colleges and universities penalise anyone who isn’t too enamoured of homosexuals? 

(A 16-year-old Canadian student Josh Alexander was suspended from his school for he believed there are only two genders: male and female. It was perceived to be a harassment of transgender students.)

  • That refusal to participate in LGBT activities is perceived as a denial and violation of human rights? 

The truth is parents in the West, even orthodox Christians and Muslims, are terrified to oppose LGBT ideology for it brings terrible consequences for their kids. They hardly oppose when “LGBT” and “gender education” is pushed into school curriculum—such is the tyranny of this so-called Liberalism. 

All this is done for a minuscule population—the gay population in the US is only 4.9% and the majority is left with no say on the matter. 

(European Union recently allocated 31 million Euros for integration of LGBT values in very conservative and patriarchal Armenia.)

So the society is still perceived to be homophobic and intolerant when everyday, legalisation of same-sex marriage or right-to-adopt children is being effected. 

When hundreds of millions of dollars are spent in indoctrinating the entire societies while the world is presently reeling under global economic crisis. 

  • There are enough homeless and seriously sick people around the world—even in West—who presently need attention; 
  • Anyone for workers and their rights; free education to children; a generous healthcare system here? 
  • And how tolerant do you think this LGBT community is about the organizations which promote religion and traditional culture in which the union of man and woman keeps human society running? 

But then LGBT would never do so for their very basis is rebellion against the natural order. 

Traditional families and culture must come under attack by LGBT’s proponents. For if it’s shown as normal, the natural corollary would be to admit LGBT as abnormal. 

Investment by the West in LGBT’s causes, let’s be clear, is not about humanism or human rights. 


Now the big elephant in the room is: Why West is hell-bent in not only mainstreaming LGBT, but also militant feminism, gender ideology, pedophilia, zoophilia etc in traditional societies around the world? 

The attempt clearly is to undermine traditional cultures, societies and religions practiced by humanity for millenniums. 

If you succeed in your mission, you destroy nations and a global New World Order takes place where globalist elites rule in a rapidly depopulating world, controlling its land and resources. 

Collectivism is replaced by a rampant individualism; manipulating vulnerable children as the future soldiers of the ideology. 

Indeed this “Liberalism” is nothing but “neocolonialism” by other name. 

Author Yuval Noah Harari — you would remember him for his “Sapiens”—is a darling of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum for he claims there is already technology which could reduce humans to hackable animals, completely controllable. An advocate of trans humanism, Harari believes that most people on our planet are completely unnecessary, using the term “useless eaters” for them. 

These elites/globalists have packaged LGBT ideology beautifully, with images, text and movies, to pull strings of every human heart while skilfully concealing their real motives. 

It is no different than from what they propagated as the virtues of globalisation, of free trade and exchange of goods and services, which we now realize only benefits the rich countries who exploit the workforce and resources of poor countries mercilessly; destroying their environment.

They impose on the world their own ideology, ignoring multicultural societies and their traditions; using global institutions such as World Bank, IMF, WHO, WEF, UNESCO etc to browbeat vulnerable societies into submission. 

These globalist bodies are nothing but tools of new totalitarian world order: If the wars of today are fought in the guise of “human rights” and democracy”, in future which is upon us, it would be to promote and protect “LGBT community.”

For instance, look at how Uganda has been pinned into a corner for outlawing the LGBT behaviour: But then that and more, some other day. 

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