Sunday, June 16, 2024

How could Modi be removed from the office? 

Indian Express today on front page has made a big splash on what Maulana Mahmood Madani said in the Capital this Friday.  

Madani who? I bet most of Express’ readers won’t know. 

He is president of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind. 

Jamiat who? Again unlikely most readers would know. 

The headline of the piece – “India belongs to me as much as it does to Modi, Bhagwat…” — itself is so bland you wonder what the piece is doing on the front page. 

I mean I could understand if elephants are suddenly flying or Kohinoor is returning home or Kejriwal has got Delhi rid of stubble-burning for they would be unlikely events and deserve to be on front page. 

“But India belongs to me as much…”? I mean who has said India doesn’t belong to this Madani? 

But since I follow Madani and Jamiat, one of the oldest Islamic bodies under control of Madanis for much of this still nascent century, I could grasp the slant of the headline: As if Modi and Bhagwat don’t think India belongs to Muslims

Such insinuation is a Hate Speech by other mean and carries the sophistication which probably some Dharma Sansad doesn’t, landing the latter’s organizers and speakers in crosshairs of police, and often the Supreme Court. 

In a way it’s also an incitement to communal tension, to rouse Muslims against the present dispensation; and plunge the country into chaos, if possible. 

Now since we know India has nine assembly elections this year and the blockbuster General Polls in 2024, the Modi-haters would look at the sharpest tool which could stop BJP in its tracks.  

Madani’s speech and its front-page splash in Indian Express tells me that Muslims would be that tool to try and unseat Modi, never mind if emotions are roused, anxieties stoked, fears heightened and riots result in this satanic bid. 

India-haters of course make no mention of Muslims receiving subsidies as never before, funds for marriage of Muslim girls, scholarships, increased aid to Madrasas and no discrimination in various schemes by Modi Sarkar which is providing housing and health, gas and electricity, loan-free seed money and DBT boosts to tens of millions without any discrimination of religion or gender. 

As one dives into this piece in Indian Express, my hunch on the agenda is there in plain view. I quote the newspaper:

In its resolution, the JUH urged Muslim voters to get themselves registered and directed its district and state cells to actively monitor and aid registration, and create awareness among Muslims on the importance of voting.

The Indian Express then dutifully print the exact agenda of JUH. 

“In any democratic society it is important to recognize the power of the vote. There are instances when a government was formed and another government fell based on the movement of just one vote. We must realize the value of one vote and recognize that just one vote can make or break the balance of the entire electoral process,” it stated

So Muslims are being exhorted to unseat a government which has made THEIR India a cynosure of world in these distressing times; a government which pulled us out of the deathly throes of Covid-19; a government which doesn’t take a step back on borders and if need be resort to surgical strikes to convey it means business. 

And don’t tell me this is all for India’s good!

Truth be told, Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind is a body whose public posturing doesn’t sit comfortably with its activities. 

For instance, JUH sounds all against extreme terrorism but it rushed to the aid of alleged killers of Kamlesh Tewari who was shot, stabbed, his throat slit for comments which were deemed offensive on the Prophet Muhammad. 

JUH hasn’t been overtly critical of changes status of J and K yet has often stood up in Courts for those accused to be with the deadliest of terrorist bodies, such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, LeT.

JUH also advocates modern, scientific education in Madrasas yet at the same time it terms “co-education” as nothing less than a “conspiracy.” (Admittedly, though by a faction of the body—JUH (A) — though the merger between the two is about to happen).

Likewise, it vehemently opposes the Triple Talaq Act, as it does the idea that the Uniform Civil Code could one day supercede the Sharia Law for Muslims in this country. 

It was Jamiat which led to nearly 2,000 protests around the country against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA); a body which challenged the Supreme Court’s judgement on Ram Mandir; and it was Madani who was seen with Congress leader Digvijay Singh and Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt at the launch of a book which scandalously blamed RSS for 26/11 terror act in Mumbai!

Mahesh Bhatt, Aziz Burney, Digvijay Singh, Maulana Mehmood Madani, Kripashankar Singh (L to R) at launch of book ’26/11: RSS Ki Saazish?’

JUH’s Cash Cow – Halal Trust

There is no denying Jamiat carries weight among Muslims in this country. 

They have floated various bodies under its wing, one of which is Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind Halal Trust, arguably the holy cow (pun unintended) of cash. 

(Though given how Imperialists/Islamists work overtime to break India, that unseen hand of help could never be ruled out.)

Now this Halal Trust deserves a minute of yours. 

A Halal Certification is virtually a lifeline for Halal-compliant restaurants, hotels, hospitals, processed food manufacturers, slaughter houses, dairy products, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals and many other related services. 

This clearance by the JUH through a Halal certificate allows the acceptance of such products by Muslims in most of the world. 

This Halal certificate doesn’t come for free as Rs 20,000 is registration fee and Rs 15,000 for renewal every year: It would give you an idea the sum which comes the JUH way. 

In India, McDonald is known to flaunt the Halal certificate as does Zomato on its app. There is little sensitivity if non-Muslims of India could be preferring “Jhatka” and not “Halal” meat for their consumption. 

(Jhatka, as it could be understood, is instant killing of an animal. Halal, on the other hand, is running a sharp blade across an animal’s neck, the complete blood is drained out with holy lines from Quran, before the meat is cooked and consumed.)

Thus in essence, the JUH Halal certification gets its weight of acceptance largely from non-Muslims since most businesses and consumption in India is run/done by non-Muslims. 

Now let’s take a bird’s eye view of the situation: 

An influential Islamic body wants every Muslim to vote so as to change the government. 

This body, forget its controversial legal assistance to alleged killers and terrorists, or standing with the conspiracy-theorists, derives much of its complimentary tools of powers—following and funds—-through its Halal Trust which would lose it sheen if non-Muslims were to shun the Halal outlets. 

Yet it wants these very non-Muslims powerless who it believes are keeping the present dispensation in power!

A classic case of have your cake and eat it too. 

Madani’s call to Muslims for votes would certainly evoke response from observant Hindus. 

They too likewise would want every Hindu to vote and be vigilant to such designs lest India’s fate slips into the palms of fundamentalists. 

So my surmise is, It’s the Muslim Card which would be ruthlessly played in the run-up to the 2024 General Elections. 

When Rafale, anti-CAA, farmers’ protests—or Adani—haven’t worked, Muslims voting as one could possibly upstage the majority who historically have been criminally neglectful of conspiracies hatched against them through millenniums. 

Haven’t India and Indians already paid enough for their slothfulness? 

Or if that’s the fate we are wishing for our next generations like it was for tens of those generations who suffered once Islamic and colonial invaders took over our land? 

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