Sunday, June 16, 2024

If Russia is losing the war, why are Ukrainians fleeing?

I have been in England for the last fortnight and can’t access RT or Sputnik. The Blighty has resorted to legal means to fight what it terms as “Russian disinformation.”

It’s the same in the United States where the Biden administration created a Disinformation Governance Board “focussed on Russia.” (Paused as of now). The acronym DGB is eerily similar to KGB so please don’t mind my chuckle.

Now of course you can’t question these two Anglo-Saxons driving the world and must view the “truth” from “lie” as they tell us to do. Their forward agent, the mainstream media, glosses over the most logical lead which any self-respecting pro would rather pursue than ignore and die out of shame. 


  • Everyday we hear that Ukraine is winning war. But then why millions of Ukrainians are fleeing the country? Why their flight from the killing-fields is completely blanked from our attention? Why no pictures, no heart-rending stories?
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that Ukraine is wiping out Russian soldiers and has neutralized enemy’s missiles. And that Russians are ineffective as Western allies have transformed Ukraine’s air defences. Anyone please then why most of Ukraine is without electric power?
  • The sabotage of Nord Stream 1 is the Pearl Harbor moment of world history. It severed Europe’s dependence on Russian energy rather violently and ensured the Old Continent would be a vassal to the United States for a long time to come. Who did it? Apparently, our truth bishops show no concern, not even pretence of following up when one of Western Powers’ own minister thanked the United States for blowing it up.
  • Below is the image of dates when the mainstream media scooped the news that Russia is running out of ammunitions. From March ’22 onwards till now. Clowns are still on with their pantomime act. 
  • Oh, Hunter Biden. Now the Twitter Files have shown how it “rigged” the US presidential elections of 2020. If you look at the sequence of US’ pull out from Afghanistan and how the neocons have manipulated Ukraine to bring the world to a brink, who knows if without Hunter Biden’s cover-up job by our sinful media Donald Trump would still be president and we would have been spared Biden the dad. 
  • We have been flooded with “Russia’s unprovoked aggression in Ukraine”—google it—but the cowboy Bush flattening Iraq and destroying millions of lives on false premise of WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) finds no mention as an act of “unprovoked aggression.”
  • How does it sound for free societies when the Espionage Act dating back from 1917 was dusted off in an attempt to indict Julian Assange for 175 years? If the media isn’t protecting one of its own, what makes you think it speaks for people? That Assange was kept for years under the conditions amounting to torture, confirmed no less by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture in 2019, has no takers?

So a man who has only been faithful to his profession, who is not even a US citizen, could be extradited under the Espionage Act. Where do you think it leaves us if we ever stumble upon any classified information and feel it deserves public attention? Anyone, anywhere in the world could be imprisoned for committing the crime of telling the truth. 

We now know that all along Twitter was at the beck and call of the US government even as its public stance was one of commitment to thwart covert propaganda of the government. And that the Pentagon used Twitter to shape opinion in Iraq, Kuwait, Syria and Yemen for good five years. 

We are now privy to the fact that in 2020, Facebook and Twitter executives were attending classified briefing from the top attorneys of Pentagon. 

But the media won’t touch the matter with a barge pole even as we the people are duped of truth all the time. 

The ruthless empire, which has spread anarchy, genocide, wars, vaporizing lives and nations relentlessly since World War II, how come it’s always shielded from the attention of media? How gullible do you think we all are?

That our “free press” has turned its back on Assange, one of their own, the most consequential journalist of our times, doesn’t it tell you what we read, see or hear is nothing but only propaganda? 

Powers can only thrive in dark

But then propaganda has been essential to the US since the Spanish-American War in the 19th century in which the US blamed the sinking of its battleship Maine to manufacture the war when it was a malfunctioning boiler which had caused the explosion. 

To anyone who cares to look, Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays used propaganda to shape Americans opinion in facilitating US’ entry into World War I on fake premises. From a pacifist and isolationist country, the Americans were successfully turned into a German-hating nation. 

Some 350 years ago, David Hume in his “First Principles of Government” wrote that MANY are government by a FEW and the trick is to shape the citizenry to their opinion. 

Samuel Huntington once famously observed: “Power remains strong when it remains in the dark; exposed to the sunlight, it begins to evaporate.”

That’s why manufacturing consent is a prime concern of powers. And that’s how free societies are run of which we are so proud. Government are said to run on people’s will even as the truth is completely opposite. 

And so we must be shielded from “Russian propaganda” even if it means pining for falsehood and not truth. Not reading the other side, we are told, is for our good only. 

Those who question, you’ve been warned, would suffer cancel culture and whataboutism. Those who are a threat would be extradited and even eliminated.

This method of our rulers, one has to admit, has been wildly successful. 

Or why else the US citizens would happily give consent to billions of dollars going down the drain on Ukraine even as they suffer a sky-high inflation and recession which could last years?

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