Sunday, May 26, 2024

It’s only logical we nominate a National Betrayal Day after Partition Horrors Day!

Independence Day is an event. As the preceding day would now be the one for Partition-Horrors. What do you think should be the National Betrayal Day? 

In India’s Gangetic plains, you don’t need to have visited schools to know about Jaichand of Kannauj who helped Muhammad Ghori crush Hindu ruler Prithviraj Chauhan that laid the basis of Islamic rule in India. 

When Marathas subdued Mughals, and reduced them as emperors of India only in name, and held sway over most of India for almost a century, Najib-ud-Daulah, the Rohilla Afghan chief of north India, invited Ahmed Shah Abdali of Afghanistan to wage a “jehad” against the Hindu revivalists. It caused the third Battle of Panipat in 1761 and snuffed out the Maratha empire forever. 

Those with acquaintance to schools could remember June 23, 1757 when Robert Clive annexed Bengal, helped by traitor Mir Jafar, in the Battle of Plassey. It laid the basis of British rule in India. India had one-third of world’s GDP but was reduced to a mere 3% by the time of independence in 1947. These two centuries took millions of lives, sucked out our resources, unlocking famines and millions more lives lost to hunger and disease. British subedars, risaldars and jemadars picked up Indian women for fun, like the harems of Mughals and their allied Sufi saints did in preceding centuries of debauchery. 

Those with still nuanced sense of history could mention Battle of Talikota, January 23, 1565, when an alliance of Deccan Sultanates ended the centuries-old Vijayanagara empire of Rama Raya, the last Hindu emperor of Indian annals. Rama Raya had helped Ibrahim Quli become the king of Golconda, called him his own Farzand (son), but it was Ibrahim Quli who betrayed him and joined Deccan Sultanates and must not have felt any pangs of conscience as Rama Raya was beheaded after the war, his head affixed to the tip of a spear. 

You could have your own pick of villains in the tragic Indian history of last two millenniums but we are now independent, and there are no Mughals, Britishers or Deccan Sultanates. We are supposedly masters of our own destiny. Yet ironically to these sporadic dates of history, we are now betrayed not one but all 365 days of a year. And the traitors who cause it are no other than Lutyens Media. 

  • And that’s because a Young India is never told about Moplah Riots of 1921 which was a pogrom—organized massacre—against the Hindus. This is how BR Ambedkar, the architect of India’s constitution remembered the event: “ The Hindus were visited by a dire fate at the hands of the Moplahs. Massacres, forcible conversions, desecration of temples, foul outrages upon women such as ripping open pregnant women, pillage, arson and destruction—in short, all the accompaniments of brutal and unrestrained barbarism, were perpetrated freely by the Moplahs upon the Hindus…”
  • And that’s because a Young India is never told about April 18, 1930 when revolutionary Surya Sen and his band of revolutionaries wrested Chittagong from the British control, after looting armouries, cutting telegraph-telephonic and rail links. Sen was betrayed, the uprising ended tragically, and this is what happened to him: He was tortured for days, his teeth knocked out, nails ripped, limbs broken before he was dragged about, hanged, and given a burial at sea. 
  • And that’s because a Young India is never told about Royal Indian Navy revolt of 1946, an insurrection of Indian naval ratings, soldiers, police personnel and civilians against the colonial rule. It spread from Bombay to Karachi to Calcutta ports, involving over 20,000 sailors and but for Congress leaders weakening their hand, the rebels could’ve held the Empire by the throat.
  • And that’s because a Young India is never told about Direct Action Day or “The Week of Long Knives.” On July 29, 1946, Muslim League leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah had made a call to all Muslims to show their resolve for Pakistan. Bengal’s chief minister Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy paid heed, withdrew his police, and gave a free run to his goons against the Hindus. Tens of thousands of Hindus were displaced, raped or killed. 
  • And that’s because a Young India is never told about the Razakars’ Massacre of Hindus as Nizam resisted India’s bid to bring Hyderabad into the fold of an independent India in 1947-48. This is eye-witness accounts: “Women ran away on seeing the Razakars and hid in maize fields. But they were chased and hunted down by the Razakars and raped openly in broad daylight…They raped women, paraded them naked…some even died jumping into the open wells in agricultural fields.”
  • And that’s because a Young India is never told about the millions of Indian soldiers who took part and died in the Two World Wars serving the British Union Jack. They went around the globe, in Middle East, Africa, Europe, badly equipped and badly trained, only courage being their shield, unremembered and unsung today. As surely have been the heroes of Azad Hind Force. And this of course could bring us to the neglect of Subhas Chandra Bose and Sardar Patel by this horrific media but we would let it go for the moment. 
  • And that’s because a Young India is never told about the pogrom on Kashmiris Hindus, The one on Sikhs on streets of the Capital. The poll-post violence in present-day Bengal. These unspeakable horrors on human lives, Indian lives, is not even a story in this Lutyens Media. They are not the ones to probe the links between Param Bir Singh’s and Mantralaya in Maharashtra; as they would never the threads of gold-smuggling scam going up to the Cliff House in Thiruvananthapuram. Not for them the oxygen-audit findings on Delhi; not for them vaccine-wastage in Rajasthan, not for them the dishonour of Indian tricolour on Republic Day. The funding of protesting farmers, as the one of Shaheen Bagh, is never a matter of investigation to them. There is not a remote chance of a Khalistani or ISI link here. Indian soldiers killed by Maoists or terrorists, from the Valley to Chattisgarh to Jharkhand, is never delved upon. All this while, they would never let us forget a Stan Swamy, A Pehlu or an Akhlaq. 

That’s why I say we are being betrayed every single day. 

They are busy erasing our memory so we don’t live with that pain, humiliation and remembrance. And so that we remain deluded. 

And so that these pogroms and genocides happen again and again. 

Happy Independence Day!

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