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J Sai Deepak’s second book of Bharat Trilogy launched in Capital

J. Sai Deepak, a Supreme Court counsel like none other, for he is an irrepressible light in the battle for Indic civilization, launched his second book of the Bharat Trilogy in the Capital on Tuesday. 

The book “India, Bharat and Pakistan” by jointly launched by historian Meenakshi Jain and a popular social media presence, Dr Anand Ranganathan. 

The book, published by Bloomsbury India, is a journey to understand India’s history from a decolonised approach. 

Dr Ranganathan went lucid in his praise for J Sai Deepak’s book, comparing it to be as good as Dr BR Ambedkar’s book, namely “Pakistan or the Partition of India” and one by author Venkat Dhulipala, named “Creating a New Medina.”

The author said the formation of Pakistan happened much before than in 1947 or in 1940 when the two-nation theory was floated. 

“The theory was pronounced in 1937, and 1940 as mentioned in Dhulipala’s book as well. But the germ for the separate country had started to take root in 1740 at the very least”, said J Sai Deepak. 

There was always a division in India which was escalated by the British and Islamist leaders, like Syed Ahmed Khan and Jinnah during the 1940s, said the author. 

“The only question that I have posed through this book is did the duo (British and the Islamist leaders) consciously collaborate with each other to lead towards the partition? Was there a conscious handshake between the British mindset and the Islamist mindset”, he said.

The second book of the trilogy builds upon the first book, titled “India
That Is Bharat.” It delved into the impact Bharat suffered at the hands of European and Islamic colonialism. 

Interestingly, the present book draws a parallel between the challenges Indic civilization faced between 1740 to 1924 and the one it is saddled with today. The book’s long view, like the one in the first, is to inspire a critical decolonial study of Bharat’s history, seen in the light of the Constitution and its perimeters. 

J Sai Deepak is an important voice in today’s India, trying to break free of the narrative set for them in independent India. As a lawyer, he has been involved in several important cases, like the one of Sabarimala Temple, the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the Basmati Geographical indications and the Marital Rape seen through the prism of Indian Penal Code. 

(This piece is largely a rewrite of the piece which appeared in OpIndia)

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