Sunday, October 17, 2021


Anand Ranganathan

I mean what’s your problem with ‘free’ vaccine? Taking apart the charges, one by one

All hell has broken loose. For the BJP is promising free vaccination to Biharis ahead of the assembly elections. All muck-rakers usually in such...

Rafale: So they found ‘Shastra Puja’ a Hindutva act

The first of 36 Rafale jets of the first batch was acquired on Tuesday. It was a seminal day, not just because India acquired...

Besieged Hindus needs a George Soros to break free

Should we start with the message or the messenger? Let’s begin with the messenger first. I bet none of you know who are 49 signatories...

It’s a wonder only one Nathuram Godse has emerged in India

It’s a wonder that in India there has been only one Nathuram Godse. When thousands of Kashmiri Hindus were murdered, maimed, raped and “cleansed” out...

What Hindus are missing in fight vs. Lutyens Media

Hindus need to look at how they address the forces against them in India. It’s alright to be outraged that a Kathua has politicians, actors...


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