Thursday, May 30, 2024

Jaishnkar denies India has conceded land to China along the LAC

Foreign minister Dr S Jaishankar today said nationalism is a sign of political self-confidence and shouldn’t be perceived as a negative emotion.

Speaking to Rahul Shivshankar of Times Now, Jaishankar said: “People who are against nationalism come from a different era and culture.”

Further, the foreign minister said a “nationalist” India is doing more for the world, from Fiji to Mozambique. “You can’t tell the people of Africa and Asia to not be nationalistic because for them nationalism is part of a journey which began when they recovered their independence.”

Jaishankar also refuted the allegation that India has conceded its territory to China along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and said that the country needs to trust its armed forces and their ability to secure the nation’s interest.

“Both military commanders and diplomatic channels are negotiating with the Chinese side. Don’t call out a match. You are calling out a match before it is halfway through,” the foreign minister said.

“Our borders weren’t given enough importance until now. India is now waking up to border issues and rightly so. Additionally, India’s borders more secure now than ever before,” he said.

Jaishankar also pointed out that India’s Pakistan policy is clearer than ever before. He also clarified that the ground situation at LAC is a complicated situation.


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