Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Kanwal Sibal questions Shashi Tharoor for his Diwali wish in Urdu

While everyone across the country was busy celebrating Diwali,  Congress senior leader Shashi Tharoor was secularizing it.

Recently, Shashi Tharoor shared a snapshot on his Twitter and attributed the absurd Urdu greeting for Diwali and seems to be quite satisfied with the secularization.

Tharoor took to Twitter and wish people ‘Jashn-e-Chiraagh using the image of TV anchor, Sahar Zaman. In the description, he wrote, “The brilliant @saharzaman has come up with an Urdu greeting for #Diwali — ‘Jashn-e-Chiraagh Mubarak!’ I love it. Spread the light!’

Soon after his tweet, there was a bombardment of reactions from people opposing the usage of the Urdu phrase for Diwali.

Former Indian Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal, who is also the brother of Congress leader Kapil Sibal has also reacted to this. Expressing his displeasure over his tweet, Kanwal Sibal questioned why there is a need to change the form of greeting and have an Urdu version?

“Why love it? Deepawali has a meaning rooted in civilizational consciousness. Jashn-e-chiraagh has no such connotation.” he wrote

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