Left-Liberals control media: Goswami

6th November 2016

6th November 2016

Goswami: Biggest threat to Lutyens Media

India’s most-watched television anchor, Arnab Goswami has dropped a broad hint on his next move after his decision to leave Times Now.

In the India Ideas Conclave 2016 in Goa this weekend, Goswami declared that his experience tells him that India doesn’t have an independent media (Read: compromised).  "We'll disrupt the rules and modes and focus of news and news gathering and make it democratic," said Goswami.

Elaborating on his plan, Goswami vowed to “wrench the centre of Indian journalism out of Lutyens Media’s grasp and blow it over towns and cities of every nook and corner of this country.

In Goswami’s view, information in today’s age doesn’t need a big infrastructure. All it needs is a smartphone and a willingness to be direct and honest with your audience.

Commenting on the present state of Indian media, Goswami said it had become the preserve of “Left-Liberals,” a term he said is a contradiction in itself.

Goswami wasn’t being immodest but only factual when said he had disrupted the status quo of Indian journalism and now would completely disrupt the rules of the game.

Goswami however refrained from divulging exact details of his future career move in journalism.

In his typical combative style, Goswami dared the mainstream and traditional media to compete with him if they could as he attempts to create a truly global media house which would give the likes of CNN and BBC a run for their money. 

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