Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Love Jihad bill in Madhya Pradesh soon, five years for violators

Madhya Pradesh home minister, Narottam Mishra has claimed that the state government would soon have a law to counter Love Jihad. The violators could be jailed for five years.

“We’re also proposing that such crimes be declared a cognizable & non-bailable offense,” the minister added.

The bill will be introduced in the next session of the assembly. Mishra also informed that law will have a special provision to declare the marriages which have taken place forcefully, out of fraud, or for religious conversions null and void.

The decision comes weeks after the Uttar Pradesh government along with the Karnataka and Haryana governments announced that they will bring a law to deal with ‘love jihad’

The Himachal Pradesh assembly had also passed a bill against conversion by force, inducement, or through marriages observed for the “sole purpose” of adopting a new religion last year.

In a recent judgment on a petition filed by a married couple, the Allahabad High Court has observed that conversion just for marriage is unacceptable.

Dismissing the petition filed by the married couple seeking protection from their relatives interfering in their married life, HC said, “The court has found the first petitioner (the woman) has converted her religion on June 29, 2020, and solemnized marriage on July 31, which reveals the conversation has taken place only for the purpose of marriage.’

Meanwhile, the Central Government has officially distanced itself from the term Love JIhad stating that the term is not defined under any existing law and no case has been reported by any central agency.

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