Monday, April 22, 2024

Not just SC, Rahul Gandhi set to face EC music too

Lutyens Media doesn’t think so that Rahul Gandhi has fallen foul of Supreme Court. The Congress president attributed something to Supreme Court; the apex court in turn has hauled him up and served a notice but our pen-pushers don’t think that Rahul Gandhi has lied. Such sycophancy suspends credulity.

Indian Express thinks it’s misquoting the apex court; The Hindu at best thinks it’s a false “attribution” and Hindustan Times says SC has sought an “explanation”. Only Times of India says things as they are: SC has served notice to Rahul Gandhi for attributing the remarks to apex court which it never said. Excuse me Indian Express, how is it the same as “misquoting”?

Prime Time TV last night showed similar juvenile conduct. A gentleman in Times Now explained the situation thus: “Yes, Supreme Court has not said that Chowkidar chor hai. But it has also not said that Chowkidar chor nahin hai!!!

“Ab to Supreme Court ne clear kar diya hai ki chowkidar ne chori karwai,” Rahul Gandhi is heard saying on tape. It’s as clear as it gets. But the Lutyens Media, the master of obfuscation when it comes to pointing out Rahul Gandhi’s lies and ethical misconduct, is happily looking the other way. Forget an editorial, even the news as it is has suffered an absurd assault.

Just look at the observation of Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi on the matter and judge for yourself the misconduct of the newspapers you read every morning. The CJI observed:

“We make it clear that the views, observations and the findings attributed to this court in the speeches, the remarks made by Gandhi to media/public have been wrongly attributed to this court.”

Union finance minister Arun Jaitley came down hard on Rahul Gandhi via a tweet: “To manufacture a court order for political propaganda is a new low for Rahul Gandhi. The lower he sinks, the higher we rise.” Telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad asked Election Commission to look at the issue from the prism of Model Code of Conduct. “Attributing lies to the Supreme Court of India for political gains is also a violation of Model Code of Conduct and we request the Election Commisison of India to take action against Rahul Gandhi,” said Prasad.

The  Supreme Court clarified on Monday that it had made no remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and issued a notice to Rahul Gandhi to present his case by April 22. The hearing is scheduled next day.

The Supreme Court directive is the latest blow to the credibility of India’s dynast family. Rahul Gandhi and his mother Sonia Gandhi are on bail in National Herald case; daughter Priyanka Gandhi’s husband Robert Vadra has number of cases filed against him on illegal land dealings and money laundering; and Gandhis regular harping on EVM or Rafale is making everyone weary—never mind that Lutyens Media lickspittle this all without revulsion.

It was on April 9, 2019, that the apex court accepted a review petition on basis on new documents, as referred by the petitioners, on Rafale issue.   

On April 10, Court accepted the plea of petitioners, based on the leaked documents for another review and reconsideration of the earlier Rafale judgment. It disallowed the government’s preliminary objections claiming “privilege” over the stolen documents. Once SC observed so, Rahul Gandhi rushed to make his false claim of “even SC saying Chowkidar ne chori karwai.”

The Court may not initiate a contempt case against Rahul Gandhi but in case he can’t defend his statement in next four days, whatever is left of his reputation would be in tatters.

 but restrict and caution him from taking a flight of blatant lies, political campaigns smearing the opponents, read Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and BJP with his falsehood and disgusting verbal onslaught.

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