Saturday, November 27, 2021

Now that India won’t be short on vaccines, what would be the new gripe from Mr Whiner, Kejriwal?

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and Lutyens Media are in a universe of their own where both can’t see, and everyone else could, that there is no fig leaf to cover their shame. 

Since Delhi was submerged in rising tides of the Pandemic-2, Kejriwal kept blaring on Oxygen supply and found Delhi High Court and Lutyens Media willing chorus in the background. 

Then on May 8, the Oxygen audit was ordered. And Kejriwal Gripe Centre, like professional beggars, moved to a new market once the old one had been squeezed out of its last drop. 

Not Lutyens Media though. Look for “Vaccination Manish Sisodia Delhi” or “Vaccination Kejriwal” in google search. Everyday you would find a new variant of a headline on the same matter which would put even the changing tracks of Covid-19 to shame. Try it folks, you would either do High Fives or would throw up in disgust depending on which side of the divide you are. 

For good measure, Lutyens Media also blanked/watered down the Centre’s response to vaccination issues, point by point, which would’ve settled the matter once for all. 

Nevertheless, like Oxygen, “rudaali” on Vaccination too is about to run its course. Covishield is promising 10 crore extra doses in June. Centre has committed to 20-25 crores shots by July-end. There would be extra 30 crores vaccines by August-September. India seems determined to vaccinate its entire population by the year end. 

Other facts are also in public domain.

This is what the communique by the Union health ministry spells out: 

“For the month of June, 6.09 crores doses of Covid vaccines will be supplied to the States and Union Territories…as free supply from Government of India.”

For good measure the Ministry has added that allocation of supplies is decided on the consumption pattern, population and vaccine wastage. “Visibility for the availability of vaccines for the entire month of June 2021 has been provided well in advance to States/UTs…, it said. 

But Kejriwal and Lutyens Media are busy drowning out the truth. They won’t highlight that no less than Haryana chief minister, Manohar Lal Khattar, has pointed out that Delhi is getting more vaccines than other States on the basis of per million population. 

“We can also inoculate two lakh people per day but we are doing 50-60 thousand daily to manage stock. Arvind Kejriwal should have this sense but he wants to do politics,” said Khattar.

But Nero would keep fiddling even if Rome is being burnt down to ground. He would try to keep journalists happy with free vaccination to them and their families, as we had come to know of five-star Covid Care Centre for judiciary, staff and their pappus and pinkys, before it was nipped in the bud. 

Lutyens Media, on their part, are falling over each other to show him inaugurating a centre, a drive-in somewhere or other. At times there are two pictures of him on the same event on two separate pages in one edition. 

Lutyens Media won’t dare publish Kejriwal’s report-card in the pandemic. They won’t dwell on the oxygen audit. On his attempt to telecast a meeting with the PM. On his humiliation by the Singapore government. On his alleged fiddling with the tricolour. On the murder charges that former MP Sandeep Dikshit feels should be pressed against him. And whether his backing to protesting farmers brought about the horrific ruin for thousands of families in the Capital. Etc. Etc. 

Since Kejriwal won’t put Covid-19 as his priority, and since Lutyens Media would bury all inconvenient facts, there is little doubt the man would invent a new set of complaints. When his priority ought to be the wellbeing of the citizens, he would do everything to promote his own. 

It’s an unending Horror Show at our expense. And we have nobody but ourselves to blame for the choices we made. 

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