Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Pannu says fleeing Modi is the beginning of Punjab’s secession

Gurupatwant Singh Pannu

Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, who heads terrorist group Sikhs for Justice, has threatened prime minister Narendra Modi in a video, claiming that the Khalistanis are ready to secede Punjab from India. 

In the video he is heard saying that the Free Khalistan Referendum began on January 5 and that the people of Punjab have started their journey towards it. 

He was mentioning prime minister’s cavalcade which was stopped due to protestors on the road while he was headed for Hussainiwala and due to which he had to abort and return to Bathinda airport. 

Pannu is heard saying that on January 5 “tirange wale (Indians)” fled from Punjab to Delhi while “Khande and Kesri waale” forced Modi to flee Punjab. 

Reminding the instance of former prime minister Indira Gandhi, {annu said when she “arrived with arms, they had returned the favour.”

“Those who support Tiranga, must leave Punjab and relocate to Delhi,” he added. 

The SFJ chief has been coordinating referendum votes in the United Kingdom and other countries. He has often said that the SFJ would hold a referendum in Punjab during the 2022 assembly elections. 

It might be remembered that on January 11 last year, Pannu had asked Sikh youths to hoist the Khalistani flag on India gate. He had declared an award of $2.5 lakh for anyone hoisting the Khalistani flag on India gate. He has given call for armed insurrection by the Sikhs. 

Two days before the lynching at Golden Temple on December 18 last year, Pannu had written to Imran Khan, prime minister of Pakistan, asking him to support SFj to “Free Punjab” and form “Khalistan.”

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