Saturday, December 9, 2023

Please try harder on anti-Modi narrative: Piyush Goyal to Rajdeep Sardesai

First happened a dressing down which Union minister Piyush Goyal dished out to anchor Rajdeep Sardesai who is known for his anti-Modi stance. 

On heels of it came an old video of Barkha Dutt which is circulating on social media and which could interest you. 

First Piyush Goyal. In the India Today’s conclave in Mumbai, this is what Goyal said about Sardesai without naming him: “We believe that if all the state and union territories in the country compete with each other over development, it will only help the country to prosper. More competition between the states to invite investors in order to promote Indian businesses and industries will be better for us.”

He added, “And if at all we talk about narrative, then let me tell you Rahul and Salil, India Today has other anchors for that task who try very hard to make an anti-Modi narrative. They work day and night for the same. They even reach Maddison Square in America and try to make people say something bad about Modi Ji. But, it is their ill fortune that the country has made the narrative in favor of Modi Ji. The nation trusts Modi Ji. These anchors need to sharpen their efforts to make the narrative they want.”

It is notable that Rajdeep Sardesai was seen reporting for Aaj Tak near Maddison Square Garden in New York where PM Narendra Modi addressed Indians in the US in 2014. While reporting, Rajdeep Sardesai called the Modi fans a ‘Modi Frenzy crowd’. Later he was also heckled by an angry mob for his remarks, after which he had physically attacked a man.

And then there is Barkha Dutt who holds a similar worldview on India and Hindus as arguably Sardesai does. 

The video in circulation is the interview Barkha Dutt conducted on famous US political figure Tulsi Gabbard, questioning her stance on Hinduism given that her first name denotes the religion’s prominence in her life. 

So this is what Barkha Dutt asked: Did Tulsi plan to “stay with” Hinduism as a religion.

This interview was conducted just before Modi addressed the Indians in the Maddison Square Garden in New York. 

Asked Dutt how Tulsi became a practicing Hindu. Tulsi matter of factly replied it was the choice of her parents who gave all their five children a Hindu name. She also said that among Hindu teachings, she followed Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga the most. 

Then Dutt asked if Tulsi planned to “stay with” Hinduism as a religion. Pat replied Tulsi: “This is the motivation for my life and all that I do. And it is the only way of life for me.”

(This piece is largely inspired by the one which appeared in OpIndia)

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