Wednesday, December 8, 2021

PM appeals that Kumbh Mela should now be ‘symbolic’ only in view of pandemic surge

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed that the ongoing Kumbh Mela should be only “symbolic” now in view of the scary surge of Covid-19 pandemic across the country. 

Taking to twitter this morning Modi said: “My request is that two Shahi-Snans have taken place. So please now let Kumbh Mela be symbolic only. It will help us fight this calamity (of pandemic).”

In a following tweet, Modi said that he spoke to Swami Avadeshanand Giri this morning and asked about the wellbeing of Sants present at the Mela. He was pleased that all Sants are helping the local administration in its functioning. And that he is grateful for such cooperation extended by the holy seers. 

Swami Avdeshanand has appealed o Hindus to keep the bath symbolic following the appeal of the prime minister. 

On Thursday, the Panchayati Niranjani Akhada announced that the Kumbh Mela would conclude by April 17. 

While speaking to a TV network, Ravindra Puri Maharaj of the Panchayati Niranjani Akhada informed, “This is the time of the pandemic. We have taken a decision and has asked the Sadhus from Gujarat, Maharashtra and other parts of India, who had come here, to return to their respective villages. The condition of Hardwar is worsening. Only a handful of Sadhus will take part in the April 27 snan. We have requested everyone to go back.”

He further added, “The decision has been taken due to the drastic rise of Coronavirus cases. We want all of us to be safe. This will help us to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.” On being asked whether this is a personal decision or fuelled by any external pressure, Ravindra Puri Maharaj clarified, “We are under no pressure. This is also not a personal matter. This is a societal issue, for the people at large. We have taken the decision for the well-being of people.” He however emphasised that about 50 sadhus, belonging to the Panchayati Niranjani Akhada, will participate in the April 27 snan”.

As the nation is showing up two lakhs and more Positive cases every day and the healthcare system across the nation is terribly stressed, be it in terms of supply of medicines such as Remdesivir or dwindling oxygen cylinders, not to say the beds running out in hospitals, the prime minister took the position due on Kumbh Mela. 

The auspicious Mela, one of the biggest in Hindu calendar, is having people turn out in tens of thousands in Haridwar and it’s only now, with the deaths of a prominent sant, that devotees are being asked to stay stationed inside the tents. 


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